How to fish the OSP Bent Minnow (words by Tom Slater, images Tom Slater & Alex Roy)

For those that follow the winning patterns of the latest tournaments. You might have noticed that both the Bream Classic Championship, and the Bream Grand Final winning write-ups featured one particular lure. The OSP Bent Minnow.

This crazy surface offering from Japanese giants OSP has been a hot item in Northern NSW and QLD for some time now, and is slowly starting to trickle further south as word spreads of its inherent ability to trigger a bite in tough conditions.

It may look strange at first. But trust me, this thing is dynamite on our Bream (and heaps of other species to. The trick to unlocking its potential is knowing how to work the lure to achieve that erratic prawn type flicking that every bream seems to love.

In our recent win at the Skeeter Bream Classic Championship my partner Alex Roy swore by a fast erratic twitch, holding your rod tip up whilst constantly winding to get the lure skittering and darting across the surface, once he had worked the lure for 1-2m (around the point where the shallow banks dropped into deeper water) he would pause the lure for up to 15 seconds sometimes. This allowed the bream an opportunity to catch the lure, and investigate. And on the first day of the comp, boy did he catch some!

You can also do what essentially is sub-surface ‘walk-the-dog’ retrieve. Where you hold your rod tip down, this will make the head of the bent minnow act like a bib and make it dive up to a foot or so under the surface. Then a simple twitch will make the lure kick to one side and a repeat of the process will see it dart back the other way. Perfect for when fish are in an aggressive mood.

When the bent minnow is motionless, it lies on its side with its head and tail underwater and its belly just peaking above the surface. This is where you can get creative with how you entice the fish to come back again, and again.

So you have a fish under your lure. What next? Well, a really short sharp twitch will make the bent minnow really kick out to the side and maybe even jump out of the water like a fleeing prawn, which can work wonders. What I really like to do is a really small, slow tweak. Just enough to get the lure to ‘bob’ like it’s an injured baitfish trying to right itself and swim down from the surface. Usually a couple of these little ‘bobs’ will have any curious bream trying to sip it off the surface in no time.

So there you have it, a quick run down of how to fish the lure that helped win all 3 grand finals this year. Word on the street is that the new colours that have just come into the country are selling fast and catching big time, so go fetch a few from the local shop and give them a whirl!

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