Get Your Cod On!

Her first cod, 2nd cast.

Leading up to the first week of summer was a corker with hot temperatures of 30 degrees.  It is also great for the opening of Cod Season,which was on 1st December 2012.

If Cod are on your wish list, I suggest you don’t sit in your armchair thinking about it, get motivated and get out on the water.

The dam’s and rivers are still reasonably full with water still trickling in places.  Water temperatures are down a little from previous years but shouldn’t take long to start warming with the summer sun and constant high temperatures.  My theory why they are still a little on the cold side, is that given their high water levels you basically have more water to warm and that you still have incoming water that is still making it’s way in from adjoining rivers and creek beds which is often colder.

Dust off your bait casters and or thread lines.  Make sure your braid is still in good nick.  Pack your Spinner baits, Chatter baits, Jackal’s, Soft Plastics Hard Bodies and Surface Lures and go and have some fun.

If it is your first time I would recommend a rod that has a line rating somewhere between 4-10kg, a suitable reel that is going to have line capacity and approx 5kg of drag or better.  The braid you should be using between 10-20lb and fluorocarbon leader between 12lb and 20lb.  You are set to hit the water.

Don’t be afraid of the snags because that’s where they live.  If you are not getting snagged you are not trying hard enough.

We took a couple of first timers last year and they had a blast.  Nothing beats the initial hit of a mighty cod.


If you are fishing with another person try different lures.  Don’t be using the same thing or colour unless that’s what is working.  We often try different colours and lures until we can crack a pattern.

Your efforts will be most rewarded during the morning and afternoons.  I am not saying you won’t catch fish in the middle of the day but you will work hard for them.  You are better off resting and working harder throughout the afternoon session.


We have found that Cod are pretty territorial.  So if you have caught them in an area in previous years they won’t be too far away if fishing the same time of year.

The minimum legal size is 60cm with 2 only as a daily limit and 4 in possession with only 1 over 100cm.  I believe they are good eating but being such a majestic fish would like to hope that most people would practice catch and release.

Remember you have until the end of August to catch one.  Good luck in your pursuit!

3 responses to “Get Your Cod On!

  1. you said to me afew weeks back that you where jealous of the new Daiwa gear i’ve got. but not as jealous as I am of the fish you have been catching. are you going in the ABT with the Seeto Brothers next year . if so iI hope to meet you one day. My Aunty was the best fishing lady I have ever seen. 15ft fibre glass rods with a 6000 size Mitchell reel heavy sinker and weighted about 60kg and she could cast as good as any man, if not better. keep the stories and the picture coming, even if I ture green with envy

  2. Thanks for your comments Allan, wish I could have met your Aunt. Will see what I can fit into my fishing Calendar but may end up doing an ABT and if so I will be sure to get an introduction from the boys to meet and greet with you. Glad you enjoy the read.

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