Picnic Day on the Cooks

One of the perks of my workplace is that I receive not one but two ‘Picnic Days’ a year and last Monday was one of them.  What does that mean?  Well I’m not sure really, perhaps some of my colleagues were off having picnics.  But instead of looking for a picnic to attend, I set out on one of my favourite waterways, the Cooks River, for a quiet Monday session to hopefully put into practice some of the surface fishing lessons that my cousin Kendall recently gave me on the Gold Coast.

The conditions seemed ideal:  overcast weather, slight to moderate wind as well as a rising and relatively high tide.  For those who understand the Cooks River, these elements pretty much paint a perfect picture for the available structure of banks, mangroves, rock walls, bridges and a couple of flats where the fish come up to feed.

Cooks River 03122012 002

Now things didn’t quite pan out as I expected which is another article altogether, but as predicted there were quite a few fish caught throughout the morning including whiting, Bream, Flathead and even a couple of small Jewfish.

The most interesting part of my outing though was on my return to the ramp.  From a distance I could see a father and son fishing from the boat ramp pontoon with the little boy jumping up and down squealing with excitement.  After tying my boat up and having a chat with his father I learnt that it was his son Leroy’s first fishing experience and I witnessed him catching his first fish.  This left me staring in awe at what was definitely one of those super proud father moments.  The equipment they were using is what some of us would perceive as not suitable for fishing from a pontoon.  It looked like a very heavy rod with a giant overhead reel, fishing line that resembled whipper snipper cord and a bag of half-baked servo prawns.  The important thing is they did the job and has hopefully hooked another young angler for life.  It turned out young Leroy is only 5 years old and from the excitement he was radiating, one could make a safe assumption that he will be constantly asking dad “Can we go fishing?”.

Cooks River 03122012 009

One of my favoured rods is an older Daiwa Heartland IM6 in the shorter 6’ model.  I have a Caldia 2004 with 4lb Brave Fluorocarbon line mounted to it and use it mainly for crankbaiting structure where accurate casts are required.  I thought that this combo would be more suitable for young Leroy as it is only 6 foot long, easy to cast and a would be a good all rounder for a little guy just learning to fish.  He was ecstatic to say the least.  All this leaves me wondering what my first fishing experience was as I only have recollections about my general experiences and practices.

Do you remember what was your first fishing experience or your children’s first fishing experience like?

One response to “Picnic Day on the Cooks

  1. Bugger you didn’t mention if Chris, Greg, Ian or Josh. what a great thing to do, that what fishing is all about . not only enjoying catching the fish yourself. but enjoy watching others do it. and even better to watch a young one do it. great work boys

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