Fishing rods are my weakness – Generation Black 641MLRB Finezza + Lexa 100HL

Robina Lakes 003

Bass fishing in the canals on the Gold Coast was kind of a surreal experience.   If you were making a generalisation, it’s not the kind of location that you’d expect to target them here in Australia, but having watched my fair share of FLW TV, it’s the kind of fishing on US lakes that is heart in mouth stuff.

Fishing for Bream in these locations, I have my favourite gear.  6’– 6’6”rods, 3  pound fluorocarbon lines and a fist full of crankbaits,  surface lures and unweighted Aquas.  To say I’m “happy as a pig in mud” is an understatement.

When Simon Goldsmith told me we were going to fish Robina Lakes with Carl Jocumsen, targeting Bass on the pontoons, for a photo shoot for the 2013 Tournament Angler Guide, I was super excited. I fully anticipated fishing a range of surface lures for some super aggressive Bass.  A bit research suggested that I’d also need to be ready to throw spinnerbaits and plastics as well.

Generation Black_Lexa

I don’t own a baitcast outfit.  The last time I used one was in Arnhem Land, and the time before that PNG.  Both times, Bradley Sissins loaned me the gear for the job, so a quick call to Daiwa headquarters resulted in me borrowing a cool new combo the following day – A Lexa 100HL matched with a Generation Black Finezza


You’ve read a bit about the Generation Black spin rods here on  We’re obviously advocates for Daiwa gear, but we feel that the hype is warranted.  The new Generation Black rods are worthy of the praise they receive, being great value for money, packed with the technological advancements you’d expect from Daiwa’s high end gear.

The GB 641 MLRB Finezza isn’t an exception to the rule.  Based on Black Label/Steez rod blank actions, with the sexy matt black finish, the Finezza is a medium light baitcast rod with enough sensitivity in the tip to cast light lures, and enough pulling power to muscle a bass out of the structure.


The thing that worried me about borrowing this gear is that I haven’t until now been able to get my hands on a Daiwa left hand wind or “lefty” baitcast reel.  You should have seen me in PNG and Arnhem land trying to sweetly twitch and pop my lures winding with my wrong hand…UN-CO!  I was stoked to see that Daiwa Australia now has “lefty’s” available in the Lexa, T3 , T3 Ballistic and Steez ranges.  No more UN-CO tap the head and rub the belly, with the tongue sticking out and dribbling…

At risk of harping on it!

Again, with the high end technology filtering down to the budget conscious models.  Daiwa introduced it’s Magforce magnetic cast control, previously reserved for models like Steez, T3 and Z2020H, into this reel.  What does this mean?  It means no great big birds nests for “newbs” like me who have only ever cast a baitcaster for the equivalent of a week of their entire life!  The reel also boasts 5kg of drag which is pretty damned good considering the Z2020H only has 1 kg more.

So, how did the fishing go you ask?  Well I was casting like a pro, pitching my spinnerbait into all the little nooks and crannies with such accuracy that Carl and Simon were asking me for casting lessons!  Ok, not quite.  Carl can put his lure anywhere he wants it without my help, and we all know Simon already has a Daiwa Baitcast fetish that is unsurpassed by anyone else here in Australia (if you don’t believe me check out his blog).  Fishing off the back of the boat behind these 2 guys meant there weren’t many fish left for me.

Robina Lakes 002

But, my casting was actually pretty good, all things considered.  The Finezza is really accurate, even for pitching a fairly heavy spinnerbait into heavy structure.  It’s extremely sensitive, not that the fish I caught had anything too subtle about them, and I had pretty well tangle free operation of the Lexa all day, without the UN-CO tongue hanging out pose.  Pretty good in my books for a rod and reel package that you can buy from a certain online retailer for under $350, and even better because I got my PB Bass on it!

7 responses to “Fishing rods are my weakness – Generation Black 641MLRB Finezza + Lexa 100HL

  1. Hi guys. Great article, I’ve been looking at getting a Gen Black rod now for a bit and have only heard good things about them. Looking at getting a ‘Wild Weasel’ and matching it up with a Caldia reel. I think it will cover most of the fishing I like from Salt to Fresh. Big fan of ‘lureandfly’ , keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Great article Greg. Totally agree I gave my new Finezza a run today on the Bass up here. It is a great bit of gear.

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