Monday Morning Video – How to catch Carp

Josh shows us how to catch carp on soft plastics at Burrinjuck Dam, near Yass in NSW. While taking a break from the Cod and Yellowbelly fishing and using small creature bait style soft plastics, the carp were gorging themselves on small crickets and grasshoppers that were being scared into the water.

Burrinjuck Carp 001

10 responses to “Monday Morning Video – How to catch Carp

    • It was heaps of fun. Who could resist throwing lures at active, surface feeding fish. It doesn’t matter that they’re perceived as pests, it ended up being just as engaging as the Cod bite.

    • We ended up using little squidgy critters. The trick was to get them floating. I regret not taking some of my bream lures!


  1. Guaranteed you won’t be be thinking they’re a slimy noxious pest when the drag is screaming. There’s 10kg plus models in the Shoalhaven when you’re ready guys!

  2. That was awesome, great work Josh, dam Christmas Parties, wish I was there. I think they are a highly under-rated fish on light tackle they are a blast.

  3. Hawkebury/nepean has some big fellas that are heaps of fun, they go hard as, on light tackle, thats why it is a huge sport in the u.k

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