Lucky 7 with Heath Blaikie


2012 ABT BREAM Grand Champion Heath Blaikie takes our Lucky 7 Interview this week

1. What’s your Name and where are you from.
Heath Blaikie. I was born in Black Town hospital western suburbs of Sydney. The family left Sydney after mum had a car accident picking me up from kindergarten. My parents chose to move to a little Beach town south of Coffs Harbour called Sawtell in 1980.

2007 trip to Gayndah 190

2.What Part do you play in the fishing Community today.
I work as the Northern NSW sales representative for Austackle. And fish as many tournaments as possible for the Austackle pro team.

3.What was it that really got you into fishing and how old were you.
I grew up surfing and playing rugby league at Sawtell and it was my dad that got me addicted to throwing lures later on in life. He showed me how to catch flathead on plastics. I didn’t fish seriously until I was 28 years old, but once it started that’s all I could think about. After doing my first Bass electric at Lake Lenthals in QLD it was all over for me. I had now found my passion in life.

4.What is your greatest fishing memory.
Living at the Daly river Northern Territory. Working in that outback pub and living and fishing with the local Aboriginals. They are beautiful people. One day hitting the golden mile along the Daly and catching a 92cm Barra on a Squidgy slick rig. Watching that fish dance on the water. On 20 pound braid I could hear the line zinging like it was going to snap. After three awesome runs and pulling it out of a snag it was a pleasure to see my wife Brooke could not lift the net out of the water, the fish was so heavy.

5.Where do you see yourself in 5 years.
Helping the fishing industry in Australia to reach its full potential. Especially on the tournament and sales side of things. I Absolutely love the sport of tournament fishing. It has changed my life for the better. It’s a great healthy lifestyle, the bigger it gets in Australia the better. On sales, I have really enjoyed my rep job for Austackle. The people/characters I have met and the goals its given me in life have been great.

6. What’s top of the bucket list.
The ultimate would have to be catching Peacock Bass on surface lures in the Amazon.

7.Who do you look up to in the fishing industry.
Mainly the people out there doing the hard yards. Usually a minority of people are doing all the work. And here’s big thanks to all those undercover people who don’t get any recognition but spend countless hours doing the jobs no one else wants to do, Cheers.

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