Sucks to be a prawn – Words and Images by Steve Teale

It’s pretty tough to be at the lower end of the food chain. Everyone loves a prawn!

I certainly do! Hmmm prawns!

It’s been a gun bait for all types of fishos. From the holiday bait soaker who grabs the kids and the packet of frozen prawns from the servo .. to the fastidious old hand who trawls the weed-beds for live prawns and meticulously keeps them kicking, tossing a lightly weighted specimen to large blue nose bream who shoulder each other out the way to scoff this succulent morsel.

Check through your lure collection and count up the number of hard bodies that mimic a prawn. All those surface imitations that we painstakingly dance over the top of the water, trying to deceive anything with fins that this is a frantic prawn skittering across the surface.

Throwing lures on light line is a passion I’ve had for a long time. I’ve also enjoyed using the long wand and tempting fussy trout in the fresh and bream, flatties etc in the salt. Fooling fish with your own fluff and feather creations is a lot of fun.

I thought it would be good to dust off the fly tying gear and share a fly pattern that I’ve recently wanted to tie. The fly was developed by a bloke called Dazz (Fishnuts) Evans who is an excellent Aussie fly tier, producing some excellent fish catching flies. I’m keen to put a bit more “fly” into I really enjoy light finesse fishing so is a favourite.

So here’s a few photos of Dazz’s prawn fly .. a proven fish taker. Dazz has a 2 part video clip on how he ties the prawn .. so next time I’ll take you through tying the fly.

Then I’ll get some action fishing the prawn and share that with you too.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions along the way


Steve Teale

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