Bucket List – Carp

I’ve never caught carp, they always seemed to be this species that drew little respect but it was a heap of fun when I finally caught one on the weekend.  Fishing light lines and soft plastics, I really enjoyed the pursuit of the surface strike.

Burrinjuck 011

As I previously suggested, it’s pretty hard to get away from a surface bite, regardless of the species.  The appeal of sight casting, while hoping that the fish would slurp my plastic off the surface got my heart rate going and it didn’t matter that they were “just” carp.

Fishing with Scott Lear and Josh was always going to be a matter of me trying to keep up.  Their ability to nail long, accurate casts with baitcasters, while targeting Cod was going to be a challenge to contend with.  When I said to Scott that I’d never caught carp, he made a decision to stop cod fishing and cross another off my species list.  To be honest, I’d never caught a cod but it was stinking hot and we wanted to go for a swim as well.

Burrinjuck 013

Heading into the back of a couple of bays, we discovered that there were a huge amount of small crickets jumping along the bank.  When we beached the boat and hopped ashore, the crickets would flee straight down the bank and into the water, which triggered a feeding frenzy from the carp.

Armed with some of Scotty’s custom made flies and some lightly weighted and unweighted soft plastics, we tried to tempt the fish into biting.  Within minutes Scott and then Josh had landed their first (and possibly second and third carp) before I could even get one to turn and look at it but with plenty of persistence and a little bit of a competitive urge, I finally hooked and landed a carp.

Burrinjuck 015

This wasn’t a trophy fish but it was damn fun watching them come up and turn away or eat my soft plastic.  The frustration and then laughter could be heard from all three of us as the carp were feeding.

We spent part of the day with one person standing higher on the bank spotting the fish for someone else to cast to.  It was a heap of fun when retrieving the lure hearing “STOP, let it sit” and then a pause before a “HIT IT… YOU MISSED IT” before eventually casting to and landing fish.Burrinjuck 007

What I came away with:

  1. It was good fun, regardless of the perceptions
  2. Surface fishing is perfect for beginners, through to seasoned anglers alike
  3. Take regular actioned rods with light leaders
  4. Match the hatch – a squidgy critter looks much like a cricket in our case
  5. Go with friends, you’ll have a good laugh

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