The new chariot has arrived

New Easy Tow Trailer 011

The time finally arrived, and I couldn’t prolong the inevitable  any longer. On Tuesday I made the trip out to Skeeter Headquarters in Penrith for Josh Batterson to fit up my new  21 foot Easytow Trailer.

A while ago, I wrote about my attempts to repair the old trailer but unfortunately my efforts were in vain, and I’d missed the boat so to speak.  The old frame was well and truly showing the signs of prolonged salt water exposure to it’s mild steel construction. At the time the inside of the frame was flaking quite badly, but after 2 trips to Bribie Island in the last 3 months, my fears were realised.  The welds between the frame and the cross members were cracking, and by the time I got home they looked like this…

New Easy Tow Trailer 009

On top of this, the wiring in the old trailer has been giving me grief from day 1, and since I’ve owned it, I had to replace the master cylinder and callipers. As well, the brake lines that originally ran through the frame had rusted out and required replacing and I’ve been waiting nervously to have to replace the bearings and oil hubs by the side of the road somewhere.

New Easy Tow Trailer 013

I ordered my Easytow trailer from Josh a few weeks ago, and didn’t expect it this side of Christmas, but Josh rang me last week to say he had an early Christmas present for me. After the fitting process, I have a new found respect for the humble trailer.  A lot goes into fitting the boat and trailer, and Josh and Matt provide the full service.

New Easy Tow Trailer 007

Matt fitting up the new trailer

I’ve no doubt there are a lot of you out there who’ve got an imported boat from the US sitting on a mild steel ungalvanised trailer.  I’m sure you’ve been looking at the options available.  Unfortunately, unless you were smarter than Chris and I and had your trailer galvanised as soon as you got it, no matter how well you look after it, your trailer’s days are numbered.

New Easy Tow Trailer 010

Chris went down the Aluminium Trailer path which obviously has it’s own undisputed advantages, but I chose to go with the Easytow, as much because of the reputation that they have, as for the before and after sales service that Josh offers his customers.

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