It’s not often I get giddy about a hook…..

It’s true. While I could certainly accuse the Seeto boys of being “hook whores” at times, constantly changing and throwing out what to me at least are perfectly good hooks, I am content with almost anything as long as it is the right size and sharp. Don’t get me wrong, I change hooks that are bad but a small spot of rust on the bend of a treble that cost nearly $2 is no reason to throw it out. Hooks have a job and while ever I feel they are doing that job I’m happy.

As these thing go, I made a random purchase while I was in the US of something I thought might be an improvement on something I use over here. As these things also go, I only bought one packet that contained 4 hooks and now that I have had a few months to use them and find out how freaking good they are they have become  like gold. Every time I finish fishing with them they get a good wash. When I finally rolled the point of one in a fishes mouth, I think I shed a

Owner Twistlock Finesse TL-01. The name pretty much says it all. The spiral near the eye holds the plastic and the hooks are fine gauge wire and sharp as hell as opposed to a lot of other worm hooks out there that can be a little heavy in the wire gauge for the kind of stuff we use them for in Australia.

The spiral thingy is very easy to put in straight and holds the plastic really well and helps immensely when trying to rig them dead straight. Most of the fish you would really be targeting with this kind of hook are pretty fussy and a wonky plastic can get turned down by fish. 2391

So far the two biggest uses have been weightless pink grubs and texas rigged Bream Prawns thrown in to really weedy areas and they have done a stellar job at it. So many hookups are right in the top jaw and can be quite hard to actually get out but thats a problem I can deal with rather than the alternative of them coming out on fish. They’ve also done quite well on a few Bass rigged with T tailed plastics. 2394

The unfortunate news is I do not think they are currently available in Australia but I may do some more searching and see if Owners importers would be interested in bringing them into the country. I can already tell they will have a permanent place in my tackle box.  2383 (1)

2 responses to “It’s not often I get giddy about a hook…..

  1. Also, the twist locks are available as a separate item. Meaning you can add them to your favourite hook.

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