Cutting back

I love summer, I know I’ve said it before but thought I would tell you again.

Over the Christmas break I cut down from 12 rods to sometimes just 2 but made good use of the handful of rods that I carried.  I have to say, it really shaped the way I looked at fishing, choosing mainly spinning fluorocarbon certainly helped when I’d lose the odd lure because not having to retie leaders is a blessing but it also made me refine lure choice decisions, rather than being able to tie on whatever I thought I may possibly need.

second 12 months of lureandfly_058

It demonstrated the versatility of the combos I chose as well and one thing I did was left the Certates at home and took the Caldias, Sols or Luviases (what is the plural of luvias?) and really didn’t notice much difference when it came to fishing.  I guess I constantly picked up the reels with fluorocarbon on them, rather than the reels that looked good.

Cox's River Trout 023

My rod selection may also come as a bit of a surprise, rather than pick the ubiquitous 7ft, extra fast “all-rounder” that many estuary angler chooses, I chose the 6ft, regular rods that I tend to prefer.  At times, I didn’t have anything longer than a 6’6 Interline or maybe the 6’7 Tournament Specialist Bream but I never felt under-gunned when it came to landing fish or casting.

You may think that fluorocarbon is a liability when it comes to landing fish and an advantage when fooling and hooking the fish and may not like the dampened feel from the fluoro but I have to say that fluorocarbon is ridiculously strong and did the job well.  Complimented with the regular rods, I continue to find the hook just stays in a lot better.

Using the “gently, gently” approach, along with getting a feel for where the fish actually is means that often the fish won’t even realise they are hooked until they are in open water and the odds are stacked in the angler’s favour.

second 12 months of lureandfly_036

The short rod helps with casting more than hindering casting, especially when you’re casting at structure.  I think I at least convinced one of my guests on my boat of the advantages of shorter, regular rods as they lost fish after fish or missed casts due to the cumbersome 7 footer.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t lose fish, didn’t lose lures or didn’t wish I had another 2-3 (or 5-6) rods on board but it did give me a sense of simplicity (I know this sounds ridiculous, especially if you’ve seen how I pack my boat full of lures) and it was a heap easier to clean up when I was done.

4 responses to “Cutting back

  1. Chris,

    Which rod series is the one pictures with the split butt, black blank – and K guides? Not the TNSB is it?


    • Hi Anthony,
      It is the TNSB. It is one of the early generation prototypes. They obviously have the Steez style reel seats now.


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