The Go Pro or The DSLR

Lets be honest, we’re talking about the minnows of the video world.  In the whole scheme of things the Go Pro and DSLR won’t ever be used as A cameras on any film set.  Sure, they may be used as specialty cameras but that’s about it.

It’s been a while since I dug out my Go Pro and to be honest, there is a reason why.  The sound is horrible, the imagery is limited and the control virtually non-existent but then I compare it to my other video device, my Nikon D7000 and can see why the Go Pro has it’s appeal.Cameras 003

The Go Pro is truly a limited POV (point of view) camera that can be used for really general stuff.  You’re not going to get great footage from it but it is good at a lot of things.  It is very much a set and forget style camera, perfect for capturing a moment rather than capturing a story.

I can see you scratching your head…

What I mean by this is, the Go Pro is great for that fish fight, near miss (or straight out miss) or trophy fish that you caught but you would never use it to string together a piece that tells the story of the life of an angler, I never use it as the only camera I use in a story.

The audio could be describe as pathetic, the image quality is average and the lens can be used for specific shots rather than everyday shots.  What about if you want to capture the detail of your surroundings or the sound of your drag?  I’d use a much more capable camera, like the plethora of DSLRs out there.

Without getting into a “Brand X is better than Brand Y” because we know the Nikon’s rock, the DSLR opens up a lot of room for the camera operator who is trying to tell the story.  They are limited out of the box by ordinary sound ability, average kit lenses and body shapes designed specifically for the photographer rather than videographer but these can be overcome with external sound recorders, wireless microphones and rigs that look like meccano on steroids.

I’ve been using a Nikon D7000 for over a year and although it is limited, it allows much more creative freedom, great depth of field and the best thing of all, interchangeable lenses. What makes the Go Pro a contender when I open my camera bag is its portability, “set and forget” ability and ease of use when you hand it to your fishing buddy.Cameras 002

When it comes to fishing stuff, the Go Pro is great on the Chesty (a harness that goes on my chest giving a point of view perspective) or when I’m on my own.  It gives me what I call “stock footage” or footage that I’ll use as filling or when the DSLR isn’t quite ready to shoot.  You’d be silly to try and get an interview with a Go Pro.

The D7000 is used on the rig, in the underwater housing and on the Jib or slider.  The Go Pro just can’t compete when it comes to underwater stuff, jib shots or general stuff.  A lot of the amazing underwater images Greg captures is shot in an Aquatech housing with a DSLR.

So a Go Pro or DSLR?  My money would be on the DSLR but I really want a dedicated camera to shoot my fishing video.

4 responses to “The Go Pro or The DSLR

  1. Your comparing the original GoPro I’m assuming guys . While I do agree with you about it’s limitations my HD Hero3 is so far ahead of the original HD Hero’s.

    Nothing will beat the quality of a dSLR …

    • Most of our stuff is for web, so seeing the new Go Pros hasn’t excited me too much. Although the overcranking looks like its an awesome feature and I think I read something about being able to shoot at 4k too.

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