Determined, But Not Stupid! – Part Two


This is the second instalment of our attempt to land a Marlin from our tinnie.  You can read Part 1 here.

We were keen to head out again the next day.  We nearly got out to the bait ground but it was just way to sloppy for our little boat, so we turned around and headed straight back in.  It was a Northerly wind this day, which was also meant to pick up.  Not good for the bar and ourselves.

Another day later and finally we get an opportunity to go tackle it again.  To our surprise there were a number of small tinnies as well as a couple of Hobies.  Hats off to the two Hobies that made themselves visible by utilising a flag and High Vis wear, eliminating their chances of being run over by larger vessels.

This time we did not head to the bait ground, we decided to troll lures.  Unfortunately this was a very wet and rough experience in a slight southerly.  Scott had the safety of the console, but I was open to the elements getting drenched every time we headed into it.  The water was very salty and I suggested we troll some livies to make the trip a little more enjoyable.

We found a bait school and what do you know, one drop and we pulled up a fully loaded bait jig with Slimey Mackeral.  That will do, it’s all we need.  We started to troll back and forth around our previous marks but seemed to get pushed over by the bigger boats once we were nearly on them.  Five times this day when we were pushed off course the other boat would hook up.  We were becoming frustrated.

We decided to move closer in, there was less boat traffic and we had earlier seen bait fish breaking the surface.  We had just wound in our baits to check on them and fed them back out when once again the rubber band stretched and we waited for anticipation for the line to scream off.

GOPR0071 (1)

Here goes, I scrambled to the back deck and kept the line free spooling off the reel.  All of sudden the Marlin jumped, as it jumped Scott yelled hit it now.  I waisted no time in reeling up the slack and when my line tightened I struck.  The hook now set.

This fish, although not huge, was a great challenge on 8kg line.  It put on such a visual show, grey hounding often.  We had to keep the fish pretty close otherwise another boats could have easily run over my line or the fish.  It is such an exhilarating experience knowing you are hooked up to the fish that is jumping so gracefully on the other end.

It was now down to the business end, Scott’s turn to get up close and personal.  As the trace line came into reach Scott grabbed it and the show started.  He was always wary which way the fish was facing, being so close to the water it would have been easy enough for the fish to jump the wrong way and spear one of us.

He took control of the leader, as the fish put in a spectacular display for it’s right to freedom next to the both of us.  The fish finally succumbed as Scott lifted it on board for a quick photo.

It was an awesome memory for us both, but remember don’t risk your life for it.  Wait for the right conditions and enjoy the moment.  We certainly won’t forget this holiday break.


GOPR0071 (2)

GOPR0071 (3)

4 responses to “Determined, But Not Stupid! – Part Two

  1. Enjoyed the read, Vicki – almost felt like I was on the boat watching! I can only imagine it was a total highlight to the holidays and would be an experience not to forget.

    • Thank you Rebecca, I love writing in the moment. I am glad you felt like you were there. It certainly was a holiday to remember.

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