Breaming for Bass

Bass have been on my mind a bit lately. I still enjoy Bream and I feel fairly confident that I can go out most days and catch them. With Bass that just isn’t the case and maybe that’s why they have piqued my interest a bit lately. I am a self-confessed tackle whore and was long before and working for Daiwa. Some of my first articles here covered that fact. I love all the sexy baitcast rods and reels and the weird and wonderful lures you throw on them. I spent ages going through eBay looking for those weird and wonderful things and I still have tons of it.

I started fishing for Bass purely in a social setting and did OK. I caught enough fish to stay very interested in it but as many things go for me I gravitated towards a more competitive setting in the ABT Bass electric series but all of a sudden, fishing those same dams with the same gear , I had dismal results. I slowly learned that conditions were not always perfect and the pressure of another 30 or 40 boats had a big effect on the fishes willingness to bite and started going lighter and lighter.


Flash forward a few years to now and I haven’t done any competitive Bass fishing in a while but with Hobie now starting into Bass comps I had another go on the weekend. Now Brogo Dam on the far south coast isn’t known for its big fish but regardless of where a Bass comp is, I don’t take anything but Bream gear now and anything other than 2lb straight through rod gets well used. Most of the time it’s about scratching together whatever you can to get a bag and this weekend was no different. Light jigheads, small plastics, blades and small topwaters got a run for the weekend, mostly fished on braid with a 4lb leader.

In the end it was a tip from Dave Mann the day before about merging two of the things I would have done that really caught fish. My intention was to fish a beetle spin rigged T -tail plastic for the majority of the time but Dave talked about putting a blade on a beetle spin instead. The beetle spin does it’s thing and the blade just slowly waves behind it rather than the usual high impact vibration you might think of when using a blade. Also the main advantage using a blade is having trebles rather than a single hook. I had a few T-tail plastics have the “T” nipped off by short striking fish but as soon as I put the blade on the hookup rate skyrocketed. 2917

The light approach certainly has it’s validity in Bass fishing as well. As much as I love breaking out the big gear I think maybe I’ll just have to do some more Cod and Yellowbelly fishing to sate that desire.

3 responses to “Breaming for Bass

  1. Check out the Fish Arrow Wheel Heads if you haven’t already. I’m yet to test them out myself on the bass, but they seem like an effective way to add that little extra vibration to plastics.

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