Diamonds in the rough

Diamonds 05

My blog entry a fortnight ago, covered Steve Morgan’s theory of “Spots on Spots“. Today I thought I’d write about a tournament mindset that Carl Jocumsen adopts when he approaches a new waterway.

I am certainly in awe of Carl’s success’s over the last couple of years in the US.  Not only has he gone over there to fish for a new species, on unfamiliar waterways, but he’s done it with the worry of having to make his meager budget get him through the season.  He has everything on the line, and is fishing with that added pressure of knowing that every missed opportunity, dropped fish, technical failure could cost him his dream of making the “Big Time”.


So, on one hand, you’d almost expect that Carl would use all of the resources at his disposal to help him crack a system quickly with minimal fuss. Fishing reports, local tackle stores, past results, internet forums are all a valuable source of information, yet, Carl tells me that he prefers to work a system out on his own, using topographical maps and google earth to key into areas that he feels will hold a winning pattern.  By running solo, his decisions aren’t influenced by outside factors that could potentially cause him to miss finding the “bucket load”.

Even more surprisingly, after Carl explores the “obvious” spots in a system, the big points, visible reefs and obvious structure, and hones in on the bite pattern, he takes this information and spends a good deal of his time exploring out of the way, uninspiring banks, and bays on the waterway.

So how is this relevant?

Diamonds 02

Well using his electronics, particularly his side imaging, Carl is looking for those prime, fish holding locations (spots on spots) in otherwise barren terrain.  He then works at confirming that the pattern to getting the fish to bite still holds.

Think the lone boat on the point at Lake Macquarie. The gutter in an otherwise featureless bay at the back of Iron Cove in Sydney.  Imagine finding this lone, bait holding structure, stacked with fish in an out of the way, otherwise barren bay in the middle of nowhere, and having it all to yourself?

Diamonds 01

It’s some food for thought if nothing else.  Doing your own thing in this manner may be a high risk affair, but when it comes off, you’ll have  it all to yourself without the pressure of other anglers.

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