DIY – Ram Mount Installation

Ram Mount 006

I’ve owned my current boat for almost three and a half years now and at the time of purchase I thought the five inch colour sounders with side imaging/structure scan technology was pretty advanced.  It didn’t take long for this to date though and it wasn’t long after my purchase, that seven, nine and even ten inch colour sounders became quite common.

Recently I decided it was time to upgrade to a larger, higher resolution unit to replace my older five inch unit and I went all out.  I purchased one of the recently released Lowrance HDS 12 Touch units.  Now this article isn’t about the unit itself because I’m only just starting to get my head around it but my first thoughts are that they are pretty impressive.

Ram Mount 002

With such a large unit I needed to purchase a Ram Mount, with only enough room for a five inch unit in the dash, flush mounting wasn’t an option.  I think the key to any installation is, ‘measure twice – cut once’ or in my instance measure half a dozen times.

It is however a little awkward trying to hold a twelve inch sounder and Ram Mount in place while trying to sit in the boat to make sure it is in the right position.  This is a task that I couldn’t accomplish on my own, so while my wife held the Ram Mount and sounder in the approximate position, I jumped into the boat to make sure I was happy with how it sat and looked and that it didn’t obscure my view while driving.

Once this was done, it was only a matter of drilling a few holes then fastening the base with nuts and bolts.  I then ran my wiring and used split conduit to keep them tidy.

Ram Mount 005

Overall, I’m quite happy with the installation.  The mount is positioned so that I can still have my longer rod tips running beside the base and importantly, my view while driving is unobstructed.

After a couple of outings, one in some not so ideal conditions I can say that I’m also happy with the Ram Mount itself as it appears to provide a super stable mounting solution for these larger sounders available on the market.

5 responses to “DIY – Ram Mount Installation

  1. Nice update Ian,
    I am sure it is now becoming a coming adjustment to many boats. I still can’t get over your brother and his HDS 10 on the Hobie at the 1st Southern round of the Gama’s. Now there’s a mounting story for you.

  2. Hi Ian,
    Neat installation there. We are doing the same on our Skeeter. I was wondering, what size bolts did you use for attaching the ball to the deck and the Ram bracket to the sounder’s bracket?

    • Alex,

      To be honest I can’t remember exactly but I would guess that it was either 3/8″ or 7/16″. I have a selection of stainless hardware and grabbed whatever fit the holes best. I’ll take a look at the RAM mount next time I’m at the boat and see what I used for the sounder bracket as for the deck I couldn’t tell you without removing the bolts.


  3. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for getting back to me. I sorted out the screws issue. I bought some screws from the shop and they also gave me a few spare of different sizes to try. Once the correct sizes were established, I bought whatever was required. Plus, I had to re-drill holes in the brackets for the RAM mount and the sounder. Cabling would be another issue to look at. All good so far.

    • Alex,

      Glad you have it sorted. I did measure them and for anyone else that was interested I used 5/16″ diameter bolts as that is the diametre of the holes in the mount. Good luck with the cabling, if you need any help let me know.



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