Lucky 7 with Nabeel Issa (a super special one because it’s his birthday today)

This week we chat with Nabeel Issa or Nabs as we know him.  It’s his birthday today, so we’d like to wish him a happy birthday.

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

Nabeel Issa. I was born in South Africa 23 years ago but moved to Australia while I was still very young so have spent almost all my life here in Brisbane.

2. What part do you play in the fishing community today?

I guess I’m just a regular fisherman. I don’t work in the industry but compete in the Bream Tournament scene.bream-gf-2012-054

3. What was it that really got you into fishing and how old were you?

Like most people my Dad was the one who got me into fishing from a very young age. I made sure that we would fish any chance that we could get(I recall a few tantrums were thrown) but what really fired up my passion was learning about lure fishing, I remember spending many hours after school at tackle shops looking at lures and fishing gear, watching videos and reading magazines. I loved the fact that lure fishing was difficult to work out (for me) and made it even more rewarding when it paid off. I think I was 13 or 14 years old when this

4. What is your greatest fishing memory?

2012 was a great year for me, I think my 2 best memories came then. Firstly, catching my first Longtail Tuna in Moreton Bay. After numerous attempts at chasing them, I got lucky one session when a school popped up 10m from my boat. It was a great feeling to get one, especially a big one! The second would definitely be the ABT Grand Final at Bribie Island. After leading after the first day and being in 2nd position after day 2. I’ve never felt such immense pressure and excitement before. To be at the top end of the field in a Grand Final with such skilled anglers was an experience that I will not be forgetting any time soon.IMG_0555

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well if all goes to plan hopefully I will be working as an Architect. I would love to also be involved in the fishing industry through writing. It’s something I would love to get into in the near future. Of course I hope I will still be able to fish as much as I do now, I don’t think it’s going to happen but I can only hope!

6. What’s top of the “bucket list”?

Firstly I would love to catch a meter plus Giant Herring. I know it’s nothing amazing but I have tried many times and hooked a few but never landed one. As well as that I would love to sight cast and catch a big Golden Trevally on the flats. Of course it would be even better if these were caught in my little tinny!gt1

7. Who do you look up to in the fishing community?

I look up to the guys that I have learnt from over the years. Ben Godfrey and Michael Horn have taught me a lot about bream fishing as well as chasing other fish. Most importantly teaching me to have fun and not stress over my fishing!photo-40

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