Fluro, fluro , fluro…….

finesseBRAVEWhen we started Lureandfly.com a little over two years ago the guiding principle for me was to make something that I would have wanted to read five or six years ago. At the time my classic example was an Ecogear SX40LC. The SX40 is a classic lure but now there’s a long cast version (LC). Is it just as good as the regular version? Why would I ever buy a “short cast” version again now that there is a long cast? There was a million questions like that and I didn’t really feel like there was anywhere in Australia I could find that kind of thing.

Now how Lureandfly.com has actually evolved is slightly different to that original 1v1 comparison model but the idea of having the information to help people catch fish is still there.

I’m not sure how many articles we have written about using fluorocarbon straight through or referenced it in some way but it’s a lot. A couple of things in the past week have brought it back up. I also don’t know how many times a passing comment from Steve Morgan has spawned something I’ve written but this is another one as well. The Mallacoota ABT round was this past weekend and hardbodies seemed to be the go. Steve recounted how he was fishing an open flat with 360 casting. In other words, the non boater had zero disadvantage and every chance of catching as many fish as the boater. Morgo as usual was catching fish and he and the non boater ended up with the same lure on. Morgo had even told the NB earlier that he was fishing 2 and 3 pound straight through only but the NB continued to fish braid with a leader because he “didn’t feel comfortable using fluro” and even tied a really long leader. Steve outfished him 5 to 1.

It makes a difference. simple as that. It makes a big difference for multiple reasons. I suspect people worry about the idea of 2 and 3, maybe even 4lb as being too light. “Tying a 2 or 3 lb leader on would be near suicide”. And you’d be right, tying on a 2lb leader would break pretty easily but 2lb straight through is almost a pain to break when you actually need to. this was very graphically illustrated on a Trout fishing trip Thompsons Creek Dam where I snagged a sinking lure on the bottom at the end of a long cast. It had to be broken off. I wound down as close to the water as I could a pulled…… stretch. I tried to wind the rod tip into the water and pull….. still stretch. In the end I had to walk a long way up the steep bank behind me and it was almost laughable to everyone else how far I had to go to break it off. If it were a leader it would have parted in a second like cotton. Admittedly that was a really long cast with 2lb. In regular situations with less line out, fighting a fish you won’t have five metres of stretch before it goes.Gekkabijin MX 2004 reel.  Image courtesy of Brad Sissins

But that stretch is a good thing. A few weeks ago I doubt I would have kept the hooks in any fish on the first day at Bemm River. The bite was timid and nearly every fish was lip hooked on a single point of the back treble. As soon I would hook them I turned the drag down to nothing and even still lost a few as they lunged away close the the net. Luckily Black Bream seem a little dumber that Yellowfin (don’t worry, I’m not putting Blacks down) and tend to simply swim away from the timber towards the deep water. The EP’s however do not do this and do go straight for the timber I got one out of the timber that was pushing 45cm on 3lb partly because of the stretch acting like a bit of a bungee and also the fluro stacks up pretty well in the abrasion resistance department.

I’m going to try and keep this under a massive essay on the benefits of fluro over braid. I’m not one to throw around “promises” willy nilly. You will never hear me promise a lure will catch you fish or that you will think rod is awesome but I promise using fluro straight through will help you catch more fish. And not just Bream, I could make a case for most cast and retrieve types of sportfish If it isn’t in your arsenal and you don’t feel confident using it, honestly try and give it more time in the water and you will get used to it. Try and think of fluro as your starting point and go to braid only when you absolutely need it.

7 responses to “Fluro, fluro , fluro…….

  1. I wouldn’t go back to braid and leader for hard bodies now. Yet it is still hard work convincing some mates that it is the go.
    Very true.

  2. I always used fluro and found it hard to go to braid, and now your telling me to go back????? AAAHHH what will they think of next LOL
    I’ll do what I do best throw that lure out and hope for the best. Always a great read guys.

  3. I agree, straight through FC is the only way for me on HBs, can’t get my head around how guys throw plastics on it but for shallow flats 2 or 3lb all the way for me

  4. trusty won the event on braid and leader, though in saying that i have tried fluro quite a lot , but i dont know if its to light or doesnt like my real , but i seem to get the occassional birds nest, and have to cast gently with it..and i also dislike the memory, how if i tie my lure with a uni know it seems to curl, were straight mono will tie a better knot.. does brave eliminate any of this.
    what other fluros do you reccomend, i have used 2lb fammel and sunline basic which i hated

    • I still get the occasional birds nest with fluro but nowhere near as many as I get when I use braid. I do like the BRAVE a lot and have no probs with 2 and 3. It takes a little more management with 4 and 6 is about as high as I would go on spinning gear.

    • I use a Centauri knot for every terminal connection from 2lb to 200lb. It’s just a knot I learned when I was young and haven’t ever used anything else.

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