Lure Junkie – OSP Dunk

OSP Dunk 001You may know of the OSP Bent Minnow but you might not know about the OSP Dunk.  The OSP Bent minnow is a great surface lure when you just want to dip the tip but the Dunk opens up the opportunity to go deeper than you’ve ever been before when fishing a crank bait.

With the first day of autumn upon us, the inevitable deeper bite will come into play as the water cools.  This is a lure that will transition from the awesome, summer crank bait bite that I love to the other half of the year…

Type Crank Bait
Material Plastic
Colours 7
Size 48mm
Price $31.95 –

Did it catch fish?
The OSP Dunk was a bit of a surprise.  Larger than I’m used to using but down right an effective package.  You might think big lures catch big fish and you might be thinking that this is only an upgrade lure but it was surprisingly effective across a wide range of sized fish.OSP Dunk 003

What has worked best?
Throwing this lure may very well be a bit nerve racking.  Costing over $30, you might be a little concerned about running it over snags and structure that’ll possibly mean the end of your $30 investment.  I had the most success slowly dredging it through 3ft of water or less.

Picking the difference between a subtle bite and bumping into the bottom took a bit of getting used to but the amount of disturbance that this lure makes when slow rolled through sand and mud or banging into rocks or snags got the attention of plenty of bream, whiting and flathead.

Dragging this lure down to 4 metres opened up plenty of water for crankbaits.  Bridge pylons, poles, rock walls and reefs are now easily accessible, giving another power fishing option, especially to crank bait lovers.OSP Dunk 004

Final Thoughts
It is not surprising that these are successful lures.  They get down deep and replicate a struggling fish on the bottom, a fleeing prawn or maybe even a crustacean.

These also get down to the depths that other crankbaits don’t get to.  They’re open a new way of getting into the strike zone.OSP Dunk 002

Construction and Quality These lures are a super deep lure, they are well made, well built and even better designed.  To get a lure to dive to 4 metres means that everything has to be balanced.  We’ve all fished a dodgy lure and this one is not one of those. 9
Performance This lure gets deep and gets deep quickly.  The size and action are fishy,  8
Price Price vs Value, this thing lure is good value but only because nothing else compares.  The price is ridiculous but as an angler, how can I complain when I look through my collection of lures  7
Features Diving to 4m means, you can get deeper, you can dredge through sand and mud, bounce of rocks and snags and because of the oversized bib, you can be confident you’ll bounce right over the structure that normally snags up your other deep divers  8
Design (Ergonomics) One disappointing component of the Dunk was its castability.  It is slightly overcome by a casting weight in the form of a ball bearing.  It transfers the ball bearing to the tail of the lure.  It’s a small price to pay for a 4m lure  6
Application This lure can be used on small or large fish, in virtually any depth of water.  Just drag it through the structure.  7
Total Score 7.5

5 responses to “Lure Junkie – OSP Dunk

    • Invest indeed. It sure does hurt when you lose them. It’ll be another phone call to Adam this week…

  1. Good honest review, I’m looking forward to diving a dunk past the base of my local bridge pylons. Should shake up the larger bream. Keep em coming Chris.

    • Hi Ron,
      Bridge pylons are a great idea. I like running a shallow, mid, deep and then a super deep diver in that order, to see where the fish are.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Great article, very informative as usual.
    I witnessed first hand the effectiveness of the Dunk at the ABT round at Glenelg. It is fairly safe to fish Dunks there as there is no flathead in the system, so the lure is relatively safe (unless it is a local mulloway that may relieve you from the lure).
    I am sure, will invest in some in the near future.

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