6 responses to “Random Image – How many legitimate Bream over 2kg have you ever seen?

  1. That grand old fish, unassisted by four of his mates,would have won the lucky angler the weekend’s round of the Gamakatsu Team series held at Hawks Nest….(5/1.9kg)……

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  3. What a fish, looked even bigger in the flesh. A real treat to have seen it imagine catching the beast.

  4. Isn’t that what we all go out there after but only a select few of us even come close. Check out next months VFM, you may see another image of a very nice capture. Little man with a very large fish. Well done, I’m jealous.

    • Totally agree Peter. It’s incentive enough for me. Interestingly though, some of those “fish that got away” are more vivid in my memory than the trophy fish I’ve caught.

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