Lucky 7 with Ian Phillips

South Coast angler Ian (Big E) Phillips takes our Lucky 7  interview today

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Ian (Big E) Phillips and I live at Albion Park Rail, on the South Coast of NSW. I get asked a lot how I got the name of “Big E”. My middle name is Edward and my mum always called me E, so it progressed from there as my mates all called me “Big E”.


2. What part do you play in the fishing community today?

I am currently the Floor Manager at Fergos Tackle World Fairy Meadow and have been here for the past 3 years. I really enjoy helping young and old fisho’s and sharing my knowledge, especially on how to use soft plastics and hard body lures or flyfishing.


3. What was it that really got you into fishing and how old were you?

I was around 5 yrs of age when I started and my mum would take me down to Wollongong Harbour where I would catch Yellowtail, Sweep and Mado’s, all float fishing and it all progressed from there, whereby I have now been lucky enough to have done most forms of fishing.

004 (5)

4. What is your greatest fishing memory?

I have a number of great fishing memories, but I would have to say catching and releasing a 130cm Dusky Flathead with my Dad down at St Georges Basin some years ago and sharing the experience with him.


5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully still alive and fishing and sharing my knowledge with other like minded anglers.

007 (4)

6. What’s top of the “bucket list”?

To catch a Sailfish on fly is head of my bucket list.


7. Who do you look up to in the fishing community?

There are a number of people I could name that have influenced my fishing over the years and that I look up to, but I think that anyone who is out there putting the time in on the water and doing the “right” thing and working towards sustainability, because if we don’t then there will not be a fishery for all the future anglers like my grandson Cooper.

3 responses to “Lucky 7 with Ian Phillips

  1. I’ve been lucky enough to fish on several occassions with Big E and he is a great guy. Always willing to share his skills and knowledge and great company on the water. He truely is the flathead whisperer

  2. Great angler and all around great bloke. There are countless people in the Wollongong and South Coast area (me included) that have Big E to thank for assistance in catching all kinds of fish but especially big basin flathead

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