Fishing rods are my weakness – Team Daiwa X 6101ULFS & TDX 641MLRB

The Team Daiwa X, or TDX label has always been well regarded amongst Daiwa die hard enthusiasts. Late last year, Daiwa Australia introduced the latest range of TDX rods to its catalogue, and they certainly haven’t disappointed.

The range with 11 variants, covers everything from ultralight hardbody rods and  pin point spin rods through to heavy spin and baitcast models designed with big Barra and Australian Natives in mind. Using High Structural Density graphite blanks that are ultra thin, reminiscent of the enthusiast Battler range, these rods are both crisp and powerful and extremely sensitive.


I’ve had the pleasure of using two of these rods.  The first is the TDX 6101 ULFS rod for casting small hard body lures on fluorocarbon lines.  The rod features a soft tip and has a parabolic curve perfect for keeping small treble hooks in the fish.  These rods cast even the lightest of lures a long way, and when matched with a Daiwa Caldia 2000 reel, make a perfect finesse crankbait rod.

The second combo, a baitcast outfit, is a Team Daiwa X 641MLRB and  T3 Ballistic
that I’ve been using for bass, rolling crankbaits on 6lb fluorocarbon lines.

Team Daiwa X

As with all the rods in the series, it features the new Fuji KR concept guides, slick reel seat and cork grips. The rod has a fast action, and is powerful enough to extract an angry bass out of the snags.

The T3 Ballistic reel comes with all the bells and whistles that you’d expect, including the T wing system that improves casting performance and Magforce which greatly assists in casting control, even for someone as challenged as me when using a baitcaster.

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