Call me crazy but does it “reely” matter

OK, I’m sorry for the horrible pun but I am often left wondering if the match between rod and reel really matters.  Of course I don’t mean putting a monster reel onto a flick stick or a tiny reel onto a jigging rod but does the difference between a 2000 or 2500 should have any impact on the rod.

2000, 2004, 2500, 2506 or 2508 sized reels have different benefits to the angler but when it comes to bread and butter species like bream, flathead or whiting does it really matter which one you put on.  Sure the bigger ones will handle line and line lay better but does it have any impact on fish catching or the angler.Gekkabijin MX 2004 reel.  Image courtesy of Brad Sissins

Looking through the Daiwa catalogue there appears to be roughly 20 grams difference between most of the 2000 sized reels compared to the 2500 sized bigger brothers.  To put this in proportion, that equates to a difference of 2 Australian twenty cent coins held by an angler, generally with one hand.

I’ve heard the argument of balance but that seems redundant as I would recommend having a decent grip on your investment and delicately balancing a rod in your fingers may negate the sensitivity of the rod and line.  If it is fatigue, check your pockets before you go for a walk because you might be wasting 20grams worth of energy from 2 stray twenty cent coins or alternately hold back on your rod and reel investment and maybe purchase some of those really tiny free weights or a gym membership.

You’ve heard it hear before about investing in your fishing rod and the importance of getting the right action for the right application but I am a firm believer that a good quality reel, regardless of brand or model will get the job done on Australia’s estuary bread and butter species.

All of the above comes with a disclaimer, when you encounter that “once in a lifetime” fish, you’ll want the right tool for the application.  Hooking a jew fish on a 2000 reel with 2lb fluorocarbon is more than likely going to go in favour of the fish but that’ll come down to line choice before the reel or rod will become a problem.

Like all of us at if you have a love for well made, good looking gear, no matter what I write will convince you to buy a reel that doesn’t catch your eye.  Logic never wins against a burning desire to have a ridiculously good looking reel!

4 responses to “Call me crazy but does it “reely” matter

  1. Is there any real advantage in a 1000 size as opposed to 2000 / 2500? Other than a bit more room in the back pack if you’re bush bashing/trekking?

    • Josh has used a 1000 before. I only have 2000/2500s, the 2000s are my preference for most applications.

      More room in the backpack means more room for lures!

  2. I reckon it only matters with straight through Chris, you need to 2500 size spools to get a better lay on the reel and less problems with the FC line

    • I use 2000s for straight through, often 2004s (so much easier to spool up 80-100m without worrying about backing).

      I do use a 2500 for my 6lb spinning fluoro for the exact reason that you mention.

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