Fishing rods are my weakness… Team Daiwa Battler lovers, this is for you!

Ooh, Ooh *insert squeal*, yesterday I saw this teaser on the Daiwa Australia Website … so it’s official!

battler_page_1Many of you that have been following for a while will know about my fetish for the Team Daiwa Battler rods of old.  Enthusiast gear that still has a near cult following, and that is still highly sought after on the second hand market.

Originally the range included the Taurus, Sparrow and Kingbolt, and I have them all.  In fact I have 3 Sparrow’s, and all of them are in my regular rotation.  To this day, when they come up second hand, I seriously consider purchasing them for fear that some day mine will come to an unhappy end and I’ll be left without them.

I first heard that the Battler’s were being reintroduced about a month ago. I’ve seen prototypes, and I’m excited!

I’m not at liberty to discuss any further details, but we can assume from the teaser released yesterday, that the new incarnations will include:

Best of all they’ll be here this winter.  Stay tuned as more information is released over the coming weeks and months

2 responses to “Fishing rods are my weakness… Team Daiwa Battler lovers, this is for you!

  1. awesome stuff.. daiwa leading the way with rod development.. again! i’ve changed over to daiwa rods the last 12 months and they are a great piece of kit, and i think it has improved my fishing. wish id done it sooner

    • Anto – great to hear you’ve changed over. Beware, Daiwa “enthusiast gear” becomes an addiction. I have way too many Heartland-Z and Battler rods already! Looks like I’m in more trouble now with this re-release of an awesome brand.

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