New Pursuits

DSC_4717I always like to challenge myself and at the moment my new pursuit is to catch a drummer off the rocks.  I have caught one on soft plastics from a boat but have never had the chance to test myself against just the fish and me.

I have a lot to learn and am enjoying this new pursuit.  So far I have had two outings and I still haven’t had my chance.  I am sure it will come and when it does let’s hope I have enough luck and angling skill to muscle this fish in.

The stories I hear of is that they are the best pound for pound fighting fish.  That once you hook them don’t give them an inch otherwise they will brick you into the bottom within a blink of an eye.

I have seen Josh win his battle to a relatively small fish who gave him a great fight.  Other than that there has been plenty of mixed species caught in our pursuit including Scott last week landing a nice 1.2kg bream after seeing a swirl on the surface near our burley trail.


The first task before going for drummer is your burley.  With pig farms wrapping up the market on most bakeries, finding stale bread is hard to come by.  So if you find a local baker willing to give you a large bag of stale bread offer them some money or gratitude at least.

If it is really stale that is great, you can grind it up and put in your bucket before arriving to your spot and then once there just add some water to form a nice sloppy burley.  If it needs breaking down some more than you are best to add water and soak the bread before arriving.  The only problem with this way is you are carrying in a heavy bucket.

Bait was the next important step.  Really fresh bread is great and royal red prawns.  By using bread you tend not to get the other pesky fish that tend to harass your bait.  To use bread I would suggest a 2/0 hook, no weight.  Tear off the crust and then fold the bread in half.  Place the hook on the bread and then keep folding it over.  Once the hook is concealed you can then squeeze the bread firmly this forms a nice ball over the hook which conceals the hook nicely and the bread bait floats down the burley stream just under the surface.

The next step was the spot.  Unfortunately last weekend was a little too calm.  You want to look for a safe area that produces a lot of white wash.  The drummer is a cunning fish and won’t come out when conditions are too clear.  Always watch the water, make sure you place your gear that you are not using up high away from any larger waves that may come through from time to time.

At this stage I am still focusing around a tide change.  I am not sure if it matters but if conditions are right I feel that this would be your best chance.  We will wait and see.

In the meantime I am still having fu trying and hopefully you can help me with some tips.





2 responses to “New Pursuits

  1. Just wondering what rod setup you were using Vicki? I really neglect the beaches and rock shelves outside my front door.

  2. Hi BigJase
    I haven’t specifically gone out and brought a specific setup but I am just using what I have at home. I am using my longest rod possible which is a Daiwa Generation Black Supercasta 7’6 with a Medium/Heavy Action set up with a 3000 Freams Reel and 20lb braid. I am sure it will do the job.

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