Fishing rods are my weakness… New Daiwa Harrier S – HLZ Finesse Special reinvented!


The Daiwa Heartland Z Finesse Special rods are probably as coveted as the TD Battlers when it comes to enthusiast Daiwa gear.

Manufactured in the late 1990’s, in light and medium light variants, and at 6 foot long, these have been a favourite of mine for years.  Perfect for pinpoint casting around structure, the blank is forgiving when fishing light lines, yet more powerful than you’d expect from such a thin profile.

HLZ-finesse special 003

I use mine for everything from fishing weighted and unweighted plastics on poles and pontoons, to stick minnows on boats and crank baits and jerk baits.  Looking at the specs, you’d probably be surprised that I’d go for a rod like this – they have a fast action, and recover well, but, when loaded, the blank has a nice parabolic arch, a characteristic that I really look for in a fishing rod, without compromising too much on power in the butt section. Add to that,the sensitivity from the solid blank, the accuracy and casting distance, and you have a “go to” all-rounder that covers pretty much every application except fishing racks. We’ve landed, bream, jewfish, salmon, kings and trevally as well as bass and even stingrays on mine!


As you’d expect, I could barely contain my excitement when I saw the first prototypes of the new Daiwa Harrier “S” series rods that are due for release in July this year.


The new Harrier is built on the exact same, “solid power slim” blank, but tricked up with Fuji AT Titanium Sic guides, fancy reel seats, Airfoam grips and a unique woven thread butt section. But don’t be fooled, under the emperor’s new clothes, is the same, old school blank that made the original HLZ-Finesse Specials such an awesome piece of kit.

I can’t wait to get some of these new babies to go with my old Finesse specials…

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