Completing the cold weather set

Since my first event as an ABT non boater one thing has become abundantly clear, “Normal” clothes simply do not cut it in many fishing situations. I was lucky enough to draw Scott Towner on day 2 of a Clarence River round about six years ago. How lucky was I! Scott had this big flash bass boat, the kind that were not as common as they are now, and even if I didn’t catch fish whizzing around in this boat was going to be a treat. It was mid winter but I was going to be fine, I totally had like two pairs of tracky pants, a good hoody over a few layers of shirts plus a cheap rain jacket for the possible rain. As awesome a day it still was, I froze my rear off most of the morning and as soon as it wasn’t bitterly cold a bit of rain came through and made me slightly damp which put me back to square one. Since then I have been trying to put together that set of fishing clothes that is perfect in cold weather.

I tried for a while to get better clothes but it wasn’t until I was living with a housemate who worked at Mountain Designs and got me the the best set of alppettes they make for a super bargain on sale at staff price. I was immediately sold on their benefits as it doesn’t matter what you throw at them you stay dry and warm but at a normal price of around $500 not something I would have bought under normal circumstances. This will be my third season with them and so far I have done OK with hoodies and good waterproof jackets but what I have really wanted is a jacket that I will be as happy with.5526-1-1_375

Now that I have caught the Trout bug I know I’m really going to need a good jacket as sub zero temps mixed with a little wind can be brutal. Well today I finally got the kind of thing I’ve been looking for and best of all it’s a Daiwa. All too often we get lumped in with the sailors when it comes to foul weather gear and having something I know is made for an angler works for me. There are companies like Simms out there who make specific cold/foul weather gear for angler but a similar jacket sells for pretty much spot on double the price of the Daiwa Tournament Jacket.jacket_black_hero_lg3-456x319

Going down the checklist of what I wanted it ticks all the boxes. Windproof, waterproof, hooded and velcro sleeved collars (so that cold air doesn’t fly up my arms while I’m driving my windsrceen-less boat).

Daiwa is actually selling apparel now direct to the public through the website and you can use your tournament jersey size as a general guideline. I’m an XL in the jersey and an XL in the jacket and to give you an indicator I’m 6’2″ or 187cm and just shy of 100kg.

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