Doing it for Fun!

I get pretty caught up in the tournament thing.  I have to admit, I do love it but sometimes it’s just nice to go out and catch fish at a gentlemen’s hour without the pressures of expectation.  A recent weekend away and after seeing plenty of fish around, drove me to catch mullet.


Doing this with the knowledge that this is and that there is an expectation of catching fish on lures or fly, I couldn’t resist the temptation of sitting on the edge of the jetty that belonged to the property I was staying at with a loaf of bread and some ultra small hooks.


It was such a simple process and was well suited to those with a short attention span or kids and took all of 15 minutes to setup, catch and clean up.  All throughout the day, I had seen schools and schools of mullet floating about on the edges of the canal system.  There were some big ones mixed in with little ones and there didn’t appear to be any more or less active than others.


Initially I grabbed a slice of bread and started burleying up with the intent of seeing what bream would come out to play.  What I actually got was the nearest 3 schools of mullet, at my feet, resembling the equivalent of seagulls in the water, shoulder to shoulder, bumping each other out of the way to eat my offering.

This got me thinking, I found the smallest hooks I owned, more bread and started pitching to these slabs of muscle.  As usual the sight fishing was the best part, as I aimed to set the hook into whatever would bite.  In the end, we caught mullet, bream and luderick and had more fun than I did for the whole day.


The mate I had gone away with said I was “cheating” but “cheating” or not, I had a good time and can see how this little trick could persuade (read: indoctrinate) some poor sucker into the wonderful world of fishing.  It would serve as a great lesson on setting hooks, sight fishing and handling fish for a newbie or youngster but for me, it was just for fun.

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