The Monday Morning Gallery – Rebecca Fazio’s Tassie Adventure

3 responses to “The Monday Morning Gallery – Rebecca Fazio’s Tassie Adventure

  1. This girl can really fish. First met her this year at the ABT Mallacoota. liked her straight away, she is not very good at fishing, she is also wonderful person to talk to. doesn’t brag about herself always interested in how everyone else went. I have great respect for Rebecca. and alway look for her at events to talk to. she has improved so much this year. [ I know her cousin is Warren Carter and one of the best in the ABT], but it’s one to know what to do it’s another to put it to use and Rebecca does this very well. I would love to see her win the ABT non-Boater this year as I know how hard she has worked at getting there. this would be someone I would like to see Vicki do an interview with. would be a very interesting read. keep up the good work Lureandfly

    • Thanks Allan for your generous and kind words.
      Apart from fishing the ABT events because I love chasing bream with lures, it is a fantastic reason to travel and see beautiful places in Australia (such as Tasmania) and meet other passionate anglers like yourself.
      I must credit the development of my learning curve to not only to Warren’s tuition, but also the various boaters I have been privileged to share time with on the water during these unique, nonboater-friendly events. I have benefited not only in things pertaining to fishing but also in establishing friendships with other anglers who understand the addictive nature of tournaments fishing.

      • Only telling the truth, I also share your feeling about what you get out of the ABT. this was my buckets list. but I don’t think I can give it away, but may cut it down a bit. thanks for your friendship. and I mean it when I said I would love to see you win it.

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