Camping With The Family – Words and Images by Marcel Krieger

Moulamein Easter 2013 (3) (Large)

At Easter I packed the car, put the canoe on the roof and took the family camping.  We headed out to a property at Moulamein in NSW just NE of Swan Hill on the Edwards River. Now this is fair dinkum camping, where the toilet is the trusty shovel and a shower is a swim in the river with some soap.

I find it great to take the kids and get back to nature where there are no TV’s or Wii’s and they can run around exploring and make their own fun.  Sharing laughs around the camp fire with mates and their families is all part of the experience.

Forgetting about work and the rat race is easy when there are Murray Cod and Yella’s to catch, the bocce challenge and of course some late night cards with a quiet ale or something stronger.

After you setup up the tent and eating area, it is important to get the shrimp nets in the water and start thinking about catching some fish.  I have recently purchased an Old Town Canoe and fitted it with a Minn Kota electric motor.  At just 30 odd kilos, it is great to put on the roof and get you access to some of these skinny and snaggy waterways.

Moulamein Easter 2013 (11) (Large)

After fishing from the bank and keeping all the kids amused with threading shrimp on the hook and catching plenty of carp and silvers it was time to hit the water for that late afternoon bite.  I have a couple of rods rigged with 8lb mono to make rigging easy when you bust off and simply rig this with a running sinker and hook.  There are a few baits to use like cheese or bardi grubs but I stick with the trusty worm/shrimp cocktail.

I try to find a deep area near a snag to tie off on then drop the baits down.  Getting the kids to simply wait and watch for the bites is the hardest part.  Soon there are plenty of fish coming into the canoe and watching my son’s excitement on his face winding in a 60cm carp and giving it heaps is so enjoyable.

Of course we find the time for the big boys to sneak off down the river in the tinnie with the esky and try jigging the snags.  This is a great method for tempting those cod and yellas hiding in the back waters and eddies waiting for an easy feed.

Moulamein Easter 2013 (5) (Large)

Camping is something that my wife and I can do with our families and the kids get to grow up with special bond and hopefully continue to do with future generations.  My wife’s dad and grandfather have been coming to Moulamein for decades and it holds plenty of special memories for us.

How the Easter bunny opened the tent zipper and put the chocolate eggs in our tent is a whole other story.

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