Road Trip to the Summit

Last weekend I attended the Trout Summit held at Lake Crackenback Resort (  The trout summit was made up of a number of instructors such as Steve Starling, Jo Starling, Peter Morse, Simon Zarifeh and Matt Tripet along with some guest speakers such as rod builder Nick Taransky.  It was great for beginners to trout such as me but also a lot of experienced anglers also took something out of it.  Numerous sessions were held with fly casting lessons, using soft plastics for trout and knot tying.

I would firstly like to say thank you to all the instructors for their time and effort at the summit and for such a great weekend.  For me the highlight was the fly fishing tutorial.   All I can say is how awesome our instructors were.  They gave group tuition and then one on one came through correcting our faults in our casting.  Wow, I was more determined than ever now and pretty excited that I might catch a trout on fly.


After walking some of the Thredbo River with Matt Tripet Day one he taught us on how to read the water such as rapids, pools etc; Where the fish would more than likely sit and what to target.  A great lesson, Matt secured one small brown trout on a dry fly before he had to be back to organise the next session.


Tani Konsul and I then took to the lake to cast out the last hour of the first session. Not having fished a lot of lakes for trout I figured if people use celta’s and soft plastics for trout then a beetle spin had to work.  So I set up a No. 3 beetle spin, 1/6th jig head and black and gold shad style soft plastic.  I casted it out as far as I could, let it sink and then slowly and constantly wound it back in.


It wasn’t long before I had myself a large male rainbow trout.  It was estimated to be approx 3.5lb.  This was also my personal best rainbow trout.  Rigging up Tani Konsul with the same rig she too caught a great sized rainbow in the afternoons fishing session.

They were having a lighthearted fishing competition also at the summit nothing too serious.  So you could imagine the bantering “girl power” received after catching a fish each on the first day and nobody else had captured a fish.  It was quite funny.


Day two saw one of the men, Garry Watson catch a fish.  This helped the men feel a little better with some more light banter and the prospect of them evening up the score with the girls.  A great laugh.

On the last night we had a fantastic 3-course meal and Peter Morse and Steve Starling took the forefront and shared some great insight into their lives and fishing adventures.  There were some awards given through the night for those that caught fish and other awards just for fun.

The last morning saw a sleep in and Charlotte, Jo Starling’s daughter invited me for a morning on the segways.  If you don’t know what they are check out Charlotte on the latest issue of the Fishing DVD or the website above.  This was scary at first but once your confidence grew was heaps of fun.

After that a number of us were invited to a private stocked dam to go and try our luck at catching a trout on fly since we lucked out in the river.  So off we all went to put everything we had learnt into practice.

Almost everybody caught fish including myself catching my first rainbow and first brown trout on fly using a “wooly bugger”.  They weren’t huge but it was very exhilarating to put your cast and retrieve into practice to entice a fish.


I am now hooked and want more.  It is a whole new ball game and my mind is already boggling on what I need to learn with regards to lines, tippets, flies, the list goes on……

There is talk of another Trout Summit in February; this will be a dry fly bite I am told and obviously warmer weather.  I can’t wait, hope to share soon some more species caught on fly.

4 responses to “Road Trip to the Summit

  1. Thanks for sharing Vicki .. fly fishing for trout is No.1 in my books .. great way to fish and there is no known cure once you catch the bug!

  2. Well done Vicki & Tani – what a fantastic opportunity! Fly fishing certainly IS addictive! You’ll be doing bream on fly next! 🙂

  3. Thank you guys, man that’s all I need another addiction but I think that’s too late, I think I have already caught it. My husband suggested a great way to practice was carp on fly, so keen to go and try some of that.

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