The next generation

Luca's Aird 001

My little boy Luca turned 3 yesterday. It’s been a while since my first fishing trip with him and he has been talking about going fishing, catching Breamies and Gooey Fish ever since (For those who don’t watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that’s the type of fish Mickey and his crew catch). Since then, it has been pretty clear what one of his presents from Lauren and I would be for this third birthday, his very own fishing rod and reel.

Now, if Luca does in fact inherit the fishing genes, one thing I’d rather he not develop while I’m paying, is a taste for high end rods like his Uncle Greg. For the moment though, he now has his very own Daiwa Aird 662LFS rod with a matching 2000 size Daiwa Aird reel.

Luca's Aird 002

Why did I choose these? The rod is 6’6″, arguably it may seem a little long for a 3 year old but part of me believes that he should learn with the real thing rather than having to transition at a later date from a ‘kids’ miniature sized combo. The 2000 size Aird is also a great buy. Despite being at the lower end of the price spectrum they are a fantastic reel. If you are up on all the Daiwa features, the Aird includes: Airbail, Digigear II, Twistbuster II and ABS as well as having a composite body which makes it a lightweight reel. To top it all off, if I’m ever in need of a spare reel I may just have to borrow Luca’s. That aside, I think one of the best things about this combo is that it can be purchased as a pre-mounted 2 piece combo with a RRP less than $150. Now all I have to do is spool it up with line before we can go out fishing.

Luca's Aird 003

3 responses to “The next generation

  1. Great stuff, I’m luck my grandchildren love fishing also. Maybe a new generation Austin will fish with a new generation Seeto in the ABT one day. Have fun Luca

  2. That is a great combo for the little fella. Will be interesting to see if you spool it up with braid or mono and if you’ll start him off on lures or bait first. For my own kids it was mono, floats and bread to start them off (very visual way of fishing) and once they’ve got the hang of it, I moved them up to braided line and lures and taught them line management (close bail arm manually and pull line tight with your hand before you wind the reel) to avoid birds nest issues. Good luck – he’ll be outfishing you in no time …

    • Peter,
      I’ll probably spool it with mono, and as you said burley up and send out a float or some bread unweighted. The cooks river has a stack of fish, is close to our house, easily accessible and generally well sheltered. I think a land based session or two will be our starting point.


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