Revisiting Alabama

I probably only wrote about the Alabama or Umbrella rig a few months ago but I thought I would revisit it in light of a couple of things happening at the moment. Many people will know or have heard of the rig because of the US Largemouth Bass scene but it is in fact a much older rig than that and has been used on Stripers in the US saltwater for years. As you can see they don’t just use it to imitate a school of fish but things like a shoal of squid as well.

I’ve been trying the rig for a while over here with no success yet but a lot of those times everyone else was having trouble catching fish on regular techniques and so far it has always been in freshwater.

What’s got me thinking now was a phone call from someone who made two casts with an A-rig, the first of which got hit hard and the second resulted in a big hookup that peeled fifty metres of braid before being broken off. The target, and most probable culprit were Jewfish. A soon as they said it, it made perfect sense especially because they were targeting them at night. The sheer vibration of the rig would most definitely be felt by fish like Jew. My interest was also piqued because there is a rash of small to middling Jew in the Parramatta river at the moment. I think I might add this to my list of “to try” things this winter when I get out for Jew.

Apparently you may want to check your state regulations as to whether you can use the rig because some anglers have been thinking it might not be so kosher in Victoria. To me, it is one lure in and of itself and not five separate lures….. but I’m not a fisheries officer.

4 responses to “Revisiting Alabama

  1. After we were talking about this last week. I contacted fisheries to get a ruling on it . I’ve not heard back though. I guess the Victorian rules could be taken either way. I’m yet to receive a fine in mail though josh 🙂

    Those Victorians can be a fickle bunch ha ha

    • If you want some confusing regs to read try to make sense of the NSW Trout rules. I can’t quite get my head around them.

  2. The vast majority of barra lures have 3 hooks , does this make them illegal to use then

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