DSC_5570In the few weeks leading up to the closed season of trout fishing in rivers and streams this year saw me reunite with my earlier years when we use to walk kilometres in search of that unfound trout water.

With crystal clear pools, the sound of running waterfalls/rapids and a piece of paradise which felt like your own.

I am a little crippled as I write this piece after walking approx 20klm in one day in search of that elusive trout water.  Boy, I am not as young as I use to be.  As for the trip though, it was totally worth it.  Just to find water that held fish, the bonus was actually to catch some.  I would like to share with you some tips that may help secure your first trout.

When exploring the river/stream you intend on fishing, be stealthy and creep up the side of the bank constantly keeping an eye out for fish.  A good pair of polarised glasses are needed as they will help cut through the glare on the water.  The trout  can be hiding in undercut banks, deeper holes or simply just out in the centre on the gravel beds.  They can be spooked quite easily so hence stealth is best.


The fish change where they hold but normally they will hold at either the head or back of the rapids/water flow sitting in the pools facing up where the water is coming from to potentially grab any food as it flows past.

When casting you want to try and cast up past the fish in the direction it is facing and bring your lure past them hopefully enticing them to eat.  They can be pretty fussy at times so don’t be afraid to change it up.  Small hard bodies, glow bug and nymph rig that Josh has explained or depending on flow and depth 1.5gram head with a Squidgy Wriggler is something they normally can’t resist.


You don’t need heavy artillery to tackle this species.  Most trout can be secured on your basic 1-3kg threadline outfit with a 1000 or 2500 reel.  My memories this year was a PB Trout caught on a Daiwa Black Label 631ULFS teamed up with 2000SH Ballistic reel and spooled with 3lb fluorocarbon straight through.  It was a great tussle taking me from one end of a large pool down to the other.  My adrenalin was seriously pumping after landing this fish and although I did catch other trout on this day it just didn’t compare to this beauty.


I also had the chance to tamper with a 6 weight fly rod over the last few weeks and must say have had a ball catching my first brown and rainbow trout.  Looking forward to doing some more of this.

I have never tried trout fishing in the summer months and am already a little excited to what it might bring, using a fly rod and dry nymph.  Hurry up winter I am now over you.


Don’t forget you can still fish for trout in dams and lakes during the closed season and you should find them in the shallower water or around the edges at this time of year.  Trout on!


5 responses to “Trout-A-Thon

  1. In a way this Trout-a-thon has been a good thing. I’ve spent the last two months leading up to the closed season chasing Trout and now that over I’m keen to start chasing some Bream and hopefully Jewies again.

  2. I have loved it even though the last trip tested my limits. I will be better prepared next time. So ready for jewfish, snapper and oversized tailor on plastics and then some tampering with the fly in between.

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