Manky Jack – Words and Images by Marcel Krieger

IMG_0666 (Large)

Catching a Mangrove Jack is always a memorable moment, getting them out of their lair is quite often a feat in itself and over so quickly.  I have fond memories of fishing with Simon Goldsmith at Hinchinbrook throwing poppers for Jacks as well as plenty of beauties on the Gold Coast.

Recently I ventured back up to the Sunshine State with the family for some school holiday fun staying at SeaWorld and doing the theme park thing.  I was able to catch up with some old friends for a beer including Lincoln Johnson who handed me a hoodie for a new side project he is doing called Manky Jack.

Well, it must have been an omen.  I caught up with my old fishing buddy Steve Eldred early one Sunday morning for a flick behind the Gold Coast Casino hunting some bream.  With all the recent rain up in Queensland the water is still quite dirty and once the tide started to run out we decided to hit the Nerang River.

IMG_0656 (Large)

I flicked a lightly weighted plastic under a pontoon and zzzz the drag started running.  At Easter, the weather has cooled down and the Mangrove Jack captures have generally slowed.  After some great electric work by the Skipper Eldred we had dragged the fish out on 4lb line and were both happy to see the big red dog come to the surface and land in the net.

At 42cm to the fork, I was a happy man to say the least.  A couple of happy snaps on the phone and I was able to get a lift back to my accommodation and watch the footy on TV in peace whilst the wife and kids were out terrorising Sponge Bob and the like.

I enjoy social fishing in Queensland and this Mangrove Jack capture will be another great memory in my archive.

IMG_0649 (Large)

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