Ecogear Aqua vs Gulp Shrimp

Lets face it, winter is coming but this year will be different.  I’m taking the cold months head on with a collection of soft plastics and blades…

rigging Aqua 004
Lure or Bait, I’ll leave that up to you but they have both proven themselves as fish catching tools.  The Ecogear Aqua Bream Prawn is the new(er) kid on the block and only been around for the last couple of years but still enough time to get a good take on its effectiveness.

Going head to head against the Ecogear Aqua is the Gulp Shrimp, this lure has been around for some time and exploded onto the scene several years ago and with a proven track record.

These protein based, heavily scented soft plastics are an effective finesse or power fishing lure that can be left to “bake” or ripped to represent a fleeing prawn.  The “baked” presentation allows the bait’s scent to attract the fish, the ripped presentation works well with both, each bringing their own strengths.

Tournament results (and sales) don’t lie.  These lures are dynamite against fish and have accounted for fish both big and small and are effective against virtually every estuary species (who hasn’t caught some strange bi-catch with a bio bait).

Bream Prawn


Rig them on a jighead or worm hook and you’ll catch ‘em.  Steve Morgan taught me a great way of catching them on a worm hook, which is addictive and fun.  The way Steve sets the hook is what sets this technique apart but that would be better suited to a video.  If we’re lucky, we might be able to twist his arm and get him to shoot one with us.

Casting these lures on heavy or light jigheads, at structure or open expanses like a sand flat are all effective, hopping, ripping or baking these lures work too.  These lures are a great way to start fishing but the golden rule of soft plastic fishing is to fish as light as possible, allowing the lure to present as naturally as possible.

What the hell do I mean by “naturally” when it comes to a clump of plastic and a lead weight in the water?  I mean as slow and level as possible, depending on the current and wind.  A lure dropping head first through the water column, faster than a fish could swim won’t work every time but slowing the sink rate and changing the attitude can have massive results.

Tie them on a 3lb-4lb spinning fluorocarbon, grab a couple of jigheads around the 1/16th or lighter and get casting.

Down to the question, Gulp or Ecogear?  I’m a brand loyal, Apple and Toyota get my money every time and I fall to the Ecogear side.  The Gulp option is too big for my liking, while the Aqua’s are softer and more natural looking.  I will say they are less durable but by flipping them upside down and then back to front gives you 4 uses out of most baits and adds some more versatility in my presentation.

12 responses to “Ecogear Aqua vs Gulp Shrimp

  1. Yes, I prefer Eco, but don’t know why they work so well, no action. looking forward to trying the Eco Shrimp, they look like they will have a bit of action. but action or no action bream love them.

    • Hey Allan,
      They may not have an action as such but when rigged on a worm hook, when sinking, have a shimmy a bit like a Tiemco Stick Minnow or Austackle Shinku.


  2. I’m an Eco man , but some one correct me if I’m wrong . Steve Morgan is against Gulp’s yet uses Ecogears ? Both bio baits or protein based yes ??

    • Hey Toby,
      I don’t think he is against the idea as such but had concerns with the quality of the Gulp Shrimp and bent tails (thankfully that is less of an issue now).

      Talking with Morgo, the size is important as well. Whenever I’ve fished with him, it’s always been with the 40mm, which aren’t available in the Gulp Shrimp range.


  3. I love the Marukyu Power Isome. I think it does better than the ecogear aqua and the berkley gulp sandeel imitations. Not tried a shrimp/prawn one in hybrid soft plastic though, I also like the ecogear aqua strawtails. Here in the UK they nail so many pollack on a jighead with a simple straight retrieve. Brilliant stuff.

    • I used to use the Gulp Sandworm when I first started fishing, they were great but hard to cast due to the lack of weight and were so stiff that unless they were dead straight, the only retrieve was a shake of the rod tip or dead stick.

      I haven’t tried them since they changed to the softer Gulp material they use now but I remember them to be very successful. I might have to get some of the Marukyu Power Isome to try!


  4. good article guys. im suprised theres not more gulp shrimp fans. 99% of my mates, myself included will fish a shrimp before an eco aqua. Gulp shrimp are pretty easy to cut down if size is an issue, and we often fish stinger hooks (single) when the bite is finicky. I love the colour range of the gulps and the fact that i can change between a minnow profile, shrimp or grub with the same two tone colours seals the deal for me. I actually fish a gulp minnow as much as i fish a shrimp, you should give them a go!.. or maybe im missing something and should give the eco more time?

  5. Good Article Chris,
    Mate I have been a big fan of the ecogear BUT there is a new kid on the block that has been slaying them for me in the last couple of weeks. The Wild Prawn from Squidgy, they are exclusive to BCF but fair dinkum in 4 outings I have caught about 30+ bream and I reallly can’t catch them all that well so for guys like yourselves you will kill it. I have used and caught Bream on all colours but the one that works the best for me is the Cracked Pepper.
    Have a go with them they are great.

  6. Hey chris,

    Any particular way in which Morgo sets the hook? I use worm hooks a lot and just interested to hear about how he does it.

    • Hey Todd,
      Morgo winds down till his rod tip is almost pointing at the lure and then sets the hooks in a wide arc. My experience is to set in an upward direction, rather than side on. It is all about timing though. When you do hook a fish, the hook is often wedged right in the corner of the mouth.


  7. I think worm hooks are usually set with a side swipe technique ? I know thats what they do in the US, side swipe hoot sets or reel sets.

  8. Great read Chris,
    Are there any colours that are a stand out in the Aqua range? I usually fish with Gulp Shrimp and wanted to give aqua a go. What I like about them is a 40mm size. There are instances when a 2″ shrimp is just too big for a finicky fish, but a 40mm bait looks just right.

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