Crumpler 001

At any given time throughout my life, photography has been an interest of at least one person in my family.  If it wasn’t my dad, it was one of my four brothers shooting and experimenting with dad’s darkroom equipment. My initial exposure to photography was a short period through my primary school years, I too developed an interest and attended a number of junior workshops to learn some of the photography basics.  In some ways I regret now that over the years, sports, boats, cars and other interests diverted my attention and despite owning a SLR for most of this time, it wasn’t until and I started my young family that I saw the value in images and photography again.

With the purchase of a new digital SLR, my equipment didn’t take long to grow to what I have today.  By no means is my collection as extensive as Greg’s, but two camera bodies, 4 lenses, flashes, remotes, external microphone, EVF, video rig and an assortment of other photography and video accessories isn’t anything to sneeze at either, well at least I don’t think so.

Crumpler 002

The issue with more camera equipment is similar to fishing, it means more choices.  For fishing or family day trips it isn’t so bad, I usually choose one lens to shoot with for the day (which isn’t such a bad thing as it forces you to think outside the square), a couple of filters, a flash and a tripod.  This packs easily in my Lowepro Flipside 200 which is an excellent safe and secure day bag.  Going on a trip or family holiday however used to prove to be quite a headache.  Whether it is the outing or family holiday, it usually means I want a bit more versatility and as such, I tend to carry a lot more.  This meant my day pack, pelican case and a plastic tub was used to carry and transport all my equipment.  To say this was painful would be an understatement.  It was always difficult to move the equipment around and it also took up more room than necessary in the car.

A little bit of research led me to one of the camera/laptop backpacks in the Crumpler range.  The C-List Celebrity is a large camera backpack that stores a ton of gear as well as my 15″ Macbook.  With a highly configurable insert this bag comfortably stores my two bodies, and all my lenses, flash, filters, Macbook, chargers and all the cables.  This bag is bulky, however it  is still small enough to fit on an airplane as carry-on luggage, it is well padded to keep my equipment safe, but most importantly I’m able to transport all the gear I need in one bag whether in the car, boat or on a plane.

Crumpler 003

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