Fishing rods are my weakness too! : Daiwa Gekkabijin AGS Ajing GAA 73L-S

It’s been a couple of months now I’ve had this rod and it’s time for a full rundown. Originally I got this rod for use Glo-bugging spawn run Trout in the Eucumbene River but it has very quickly become one of my must have rods every time I go fishing which is out of character for me as I usually prefer slower actioned rods.ags-ajing-lt-hro1

 4556At first, it was a rod for use with braid being so sensitive. Trying to feel along the bottom in fast flowing water with three small split shots requires this but then as always, a conversation with Steve Morgan opened up other ideas. It was his go-to rod for skipping unweighted worm hooked plastics around marinas, pontoons and boats using straight through 3 and 4 pound fluro. The AGS guides coupled with the fast action rod blank mean the rod has far less wobble as the cast arc ends and the line shoots out more freely.gs25214

The thing I really like though is that while the rod is rated as having an X-fast blank, once you have a fish hooked up, the rod doesn’t feel like a pool cue with light tip as other rods I have used in the past do. The tip folds away and the rod takes up a more parabolic curve which isn’t so important with mono but of great help when using braid. Especially with small hooks and big fish you need that action not to pull the hooks.


I have covered the evolution of the use of AGS and the good news is that the price is already coming down. AGS is amazing but most anglers are not in the $1000 rod market like the first ones were. These rods come in at nearly half that which is very reasonable for a rod like this. It’s still not in most anglers budgets but it’s certainly not in the “If I win lotto” category.gs25019

Aesthetics wise it is a beautifully finished rod with a very minimalist look that also helps cut the weight. I guess I should also mention that this rod is light! 75 grams light. I’m not much for comparing weights of rods as their balance is more important. Thankfully this rod is both. Which brings me to what may be the only negative thing about the rod for some people. It does have quite a long butt section and I say for some people because I personally hate rods with a short butt section as I can only cast a spin rod with two hands. The long butt section helps lever it through the casts and when fighting those big Trout it’s great to lay it down your forearm and make the rod an extension of your arm rather than fighting it with nothing but wrist. It’s horses for courses I guess and I could imagine some people won’t be too keen on it. For me the only real problem is that I want two of them so I can always have one with braid and one with fluro.

For full details check out the Daiwa Australia website.


3 responses to “Fishing rods are my weakness too! : Daiwa Gekkabijin AGS Ajing GAA 73L-S

  1. Great read Josh.

    I’ve got the 6’10 and 7’3 and the first thing I noticed about them which surprised me was the amount of backbone and low down power they have for an “ajing” type rod.

    I use my 6’10 cranking banks with braided lines and have no dramas putting hurt on big fish, I’ve managed to land 3 40+ fish after taking me up into a foot of water with rocks and thick weed everywhere. I just thought I would throw that out there for everyone! If you’re under the assumption these are whimpy little rods because of their weight rating, they’re truly a wolf in Sheeps clothes! And the sensitivity will blow you away! Can’t describe it!

    • Gave the rod a fair old workout today too…….

      Braid and blades in the Clarence. A small light rod that can handle big fish 🙂

  2. Thanks Josh, great read. I have been thinking which rod and reel to use at the GC ABT with unweighted plastics. atarted with the AGS the went back to my Specialist bream rod for Yamba. after reading this will change back to my AGS with my Exist, and do a bit of experimenting before I go to the Gold Coast. as you know I fished with Chris again { 3 times with Chris and twice with Greg so far in the ABT’s I think there punishing the Seeto boys] enjoy the banter between you boys. Love my Daiwa gear. just got 2 new Certates. Would you spool a 2000 or 2004 Certate with 2-3lb fluro and put this on my AGS or change the line on the Exist and use that. at the moment I use my Specilist bream rod and a 2000 luvias reel for fluro. use my Steez combo and my AGS and Exist for my braid set ups at the moment. Thanks Allan

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