Fishing Rods are my Weakness! TD Battler is here…

Although they aren’t due in shops until August, on Friday I picked up a set of the prototype TD Battler’s from Daiwa Headquarters in Brookvale.


As you’ve probably guessed they aren’t just reincarnations of the old sticks, they are brand new blank designs with all new cosmetics to boot.

My first impressions? They are light, quite fast, and have been built on some of Daiwa’s best components and latest technology. There’s a rod in there for every occasion, and my initial instinct says that the 641 Mighty Midget and the 681 Noodle Master will be the two variants for me.

You can read all the details on the Daiwa Website, but no matter what your personal tastes, Battler is back.  So while you’re reading this, I’m heading to Thompson’s Creek Dam to put the Noodle Master through it’s paces… Hope you enjoy these first images of the range, outside of the official studio shots.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks…
Battler-1 Battler-2 Battler-3 Battler-4 Battler-5 Battler-6 Battler-7 Battler-8

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