Ardent Culling Clips – Part II

Ardent Smart Cull 004

It’s been a while since I wrote my article “Special Delivery” about the Ardent culling clips that I purchased from the USA.  If you recall, one of the dilemmas encountered with these is that the clips, which I can only describe as being like a very large kilt pin, are obviously designed for Bass in the USA not the smaller Bream that I purchased them for in Australia.

Without giving it a second thought, I removed these clips and replaced them with nappy pins borrowed from my daughter’s nappy draw in her wardrobe.  I thought I was on to a winner.  The nappy pins were ideally sized for the Bream and also easily attached to the fish.  However, for some reason they weren’t as functional as I hoped.  About twenty percent of the time when I grabbed one of the culling floats attached to a fish in the live well, the fish would manage to shake free of the nappy pin that meant I would then have to find and remove the fish from the live well defeating the purpose of the clips and the whole exercise.

After a little head scratching and a couple of conversations with a few other guys, I decided to dig out the original clips that luckily I hadn’t thrown away and re-attached them to the floats.

Ardent Smart Cull 005

The first real test for these culling clips was at the Australian Open earlier this year, with the only trial run of the original pin/float setup taking place during the pre-fish for this event.  To be honest, I still thought that these pins would be too big for Bream, especially on smaller fish in tournaments where a 26cm tip length rather than the standard 25cm fork length requirement is allowed.

The end result however is that the standard clips/pins on these Ardent floats are completely fine.  I have found that as long as they are attached to the Bream from inside the mouth and out through the soft spot in the bottom of the lower jaw, the size of the clip is irrelevant.

Ardent Smart Cull 003

11 responses to “Ardent Culling Clips – Part II

  1. I have been lookin at these but I was worried about the damage to the mouth area having to poke a clip through it and the ease of doing it.
    So in your mind these are not issues using this style of clip?.

    • Hi Kurt,

      In my experience, there have been no issues using this style of clip. You could also insert the clip through the side of the mouth where quite often the fish is hooked but I think that it sits better with the fish by hooking through the bottom of the mouth.
      I know that there are a number of guys fishing Bream tournaments using these Ardent Clips as well now and I haven’t heard of any issues from them either.



  2. I reckon there must be a better way to ID your smallest bream than attach such a large clip through their jaw? I wouldn’t be able to do that myself sorry… smaller hook/clip maybe.

    • That’s what I thought.I have made a set myself using the clips off I.D tag’s,coated trace wire and foam ball’s from the craft store.The clips are metal but have a flat inner surface that don’t seem to cause any damage yet hold on rather well.

    • Thanks for the feedback Ian and Kurt. I’ve taken on board your comments and those of others and I think I may have a more suitable solution. I’ll just need to test it out first so keep an eye out for part III.


  3. After reading the original story when you got these Ian I thought a smaller clip would be a better option. With you technical/mechanical mind have you considered getting some stainless steel wire rods and bending some small clips yourself?

  4. It looks pretty brutal. I have been experimenting with clips from different makers and the problem is the same. We need to design bream size clips.

  5. Personally there is a better way than this… I use the rapala digital touch screen scales, and they come with clips. Thery are attached to the dorsal fin and whilst i dont pull the fish out of the well with the clips.. They clamp down well , and i suspect do no damage to the fish at all..

    these clips above wont see my boat

    • Toby,
      I appreciate your feedback. Personally I use a balance beam not scales in a tournament situation as I’m only interested in the heavier fish, not the weight of the fish.
      Do you use these Rapala clips to weigh your fish? Are they strong enough? I’d be interested to hear more and see these clips if that is the case.

      Ian Seeto.

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