Defunct, Discontinued, No longer available…

I started writing something about innovation and then started to think about the products we had available to us, that are good but weren’t used and then discontinued.  For example, the original Battler and Heartland Z range are now a collector’s item, just as I predict the new Battler and Harrier range will become much the same but there are so many items that become defunct and eventually discontinued that are amazingly good.Lures 003

When I first started breaming, the top water lure of choice was the Sugoi Mini Splash, they were and are like “hens teeth”, cost a fortune to buy and were supposed to be so good they could attract bream from the next state.  I never got hold of one but I remember reading about these lures and thinking they must be good.

The Heartland Z range was coveted by me due to their length and action.  At a time where the norm was and still is anything  7ft or longer, extra fast, ubiquitous generic rod, the Heartland Z Finesse Special filled my desire for a 6ft rod that I could throw crankbaits around structure.  Short enough for a shorty like me to cast accurately, the perfect action for crankbaits but discontinued.  I spent plenty of time scouring the forums and classifieds for the Holy Grail of short rods.DCIM101MEDIA

The Keitech Little Spider got Ian over the line during this year’s Australian Open.  It is a top little lure, has an action that leaves the more popular soft plastics for dead, yet still couldn’t find a big enough following and since been discontinued.  I haven’t found another creature bait that looks as good as the Little Spider, so I use them sparingly and try and recycle them where I can.Lures 004

Which brings me to my latest late discovery.  My past few outings, I’ve almost religiously thrown a lure by Pontoon 21, the Shallow Crackjack 38 has been a saviour in many instances.  The tiny, jellybean shaped crankbait is great for casting (for such a small lure) and has caught me fish when the going has been tough.  Possibly because it is only a tiny lure, possibly because it slowly sinks or the other reason might be a combination of the first two and the action that these lure’s have.  Try as I like, I can’t find many of these.  I got hold of a few but I’ve heard that they have been discontinued too.Lures 001

There are so many rods, reels, lures and the like that deserve a cult following but are found too late, are rightfully discontinued by the manufacturer and then we pay a premium for the right to use them (when we eventually find them).  So, we are an odd bunch.  I just ask that you continue to buy these rods, reels and lures for long enough for me to “discover” them before they are discontinued.  If not, I’ll have to spend more time scouring forums and classifieds!



***UPDATE*** Josh believes he’s found a REPLACEMENT for the Keitech Little Spider

11 responses to “Defunct, Discontinued, No longer available…

  1. you can get the crackrjack from kfdu site think the guy is called searing tackle in clasified section he was doing for $10 bucks if you bought 5

  2. I was going through my tackle last weekend and after this years Aus Open, I think I only have about 4 of the Keitech Little Spiders left. I may just have to start searching the net looking for new, old stock.

  3. they were a great lure and may come back soon. the problem was that the tackle stores would only stock the 38mm deep version due to space issues and thus demand slowed down for the shallows and it had to be discontinued.

  4. …pearl olive bass minnows, zipbait rigge slims60ss, camo worm tubs, DR minnows,Nabaias sinking minnow, some jade colors…I’m sure theres more just cant think atm!!

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  6. Jackall mask frogs (small , 2 to a pack)
    Latched onto these early, then they ran out. Got onto to the importer, bought everything he had left. A year later they were disconitued supply ran low, scoured the net , bought all I could find , built up a solid stockpile paying top price. Happy days. Then they started making them again, and are now everywhere, I’ve even seen them on special. You’d think I’d be happy, but my ‘go to,secret, back pocket, cant buy them anymore’ lure is now being mentioned in magazines!

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