Just when you all thought I was going to give you the insight to a ladies gym, think again.  I am going to talk about those lines on your GPS that show up when you zoom your maps feature in, that hardly anyone takes notice of.

Most people have the technology and so little people use it.  I am the first to admit that I probably only use 30% of it as I don’t understand the rest.  But if you look a little closer to what your GPS is showing this will actually help you catch more fish.

Contours are those circles of lines with little numbers you see next to them.  Those lines are referring to the lay of the land under the ocean, much like a topographical map.  The closer they are together means it is a little bit steeper coming up to a rise.  The further apart they are means that the gradient of the land is more of a gentle slope.


I have shown you here above in an old school map of what I mean.  The same is shown on your maps in your sounder.

It is a good idea when fishing to take note of these contour lines and focus your fishing/drifts around them.  You will soon learn to find that in different currents the fish may sit at the head of them, the side or back end of the drop off.  You will even discover that you will start catching fish in even the smallest variation on the bottom.


As you start to catch fish it is also a great idea to hit the way point button on your GPS and start marking where you catch them.  This way by just looking at your GPS way points you will start to learn where the fish are sitting, giving you a good history of drifts to start your fishing day off.

When the weather permits us to get out in our little boat we have been able to do a fair bit of exploring this way and have amazed ourselves on how good the fishing is just outside our door.

Having said this the fish will also travel to where the bait/food is.  So in the last couple of weeks the cuttlefish have been around.  You will find the snapper will congregate under the cuttlefish feeding.  So we have been drifting in what I would class as no-mans land and have been scoring some nice reds as all the dead cuttlefish have been in this area.  Look for the albatross birds, as they too love a feed of cuttlefish.


Mix it up and remember to learn from each experience.  It will make fishing a whole lot more fun if you can catch fish each outing.  If you can get out amongst the snapper at the moment, there are quite a few to be caught in close and out wide.  Mmmm, love crispy skin snapper.


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