Jerseys. Who wants one?

Well I do for one……. and so I’m going to put together a run of them. I’ve heard through the grapevine that there are a few people who want them as well.PNG03 ausopen10-0901 cod-mania-012 abt-australian-open-2013-039 burrinjuck-carp-001

So here’s the deal. We are going through Lifestyle this time which is the company that makes in my opinion the better ones. They make the ABT, AFC and made the original Daiwa jerseys and the best part is that they also make hoodies. We are going to get the ones with the zipper at the neck rather than the buttons.

The original design idea we had is still the best in my mind. It is based on a white jersey because when it get hot in summer, black or dark coloured ones can be unbearable. The problem with white is that it can get dirty. So we made the design to break up where jerseys tend to get dirty and hide it. We’ve had the original ones for a few years now and I can definitely say that this seems to work pretty well. They are not too hot in summer and they don’t look dirty after a days fishing.viewer-2

Basically we are going to charge $10 more than whatever we are going to pay for them (which will cover the design setup cost) plus postage.  How much they cost will depend upon how many we make ( the more, the cheaper they are).

So if you would like a jersey or hoody (or both) email me at and let me know.

………and before anyone asks, yes the logos on the arms look upside down but when you are holding a fish and taking photos they are the right way up 🙂

11 responses to “ Jerseys. Who wants one?

  1. Just a thought, regarding the sleeve writing that will be right way up when you hold a fish. it will be the right way up, but it will be facing whoever’s wearing it. Have a look at the pics in this article, if it was on any of them you wouldn’t see it. So maybe put it on the back side of the sleeve?
    Just a thought.

  2. OK, just as a rough idea based upon the interest I’ve had so far by email I would say we will easily make more than 30 jerseys which will make the price for them about $55 each (that includes the $10 we are adding to the actual cost to cover artwork and sizing setup fees). If we make over 50 jerseys it will come down to $50.At this stage I imagine we will be in the 10-19 bracket for hoodies which will make them $85 (including the $10) and the hoodies don’t slide down much in bulk meaning if we make to 20-29 it’s only $3 cheaper.

    As far as sizing, we will run S M L XL and XXL as the normal adult sizes but we will be making kids size ones too. So if you have kids that want them too let me know. I don’t know how the sizing will work with kids stuff and we may just do 2 kids sizes to keep the costs down. We have also had a few requests for larger sizes as well which again we will try and do but we may just do one in 4XL or a 5XL rather than making one of each in 3XL, 4XLL and 5XL

    Keep the emails coming people 🙂

  3. I’d be happy to pay a few (5-10) bucks more and have the “profit” go to your charity of choice. (Cancer Council?).

    How about you set the price and if you receive a discount for bulk orders, the difference is donated?

    Just an idea.

    How about you set the price at the

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