Jerseys… This is who wants one.

OK, in lieu of Lucky 7 this week there is a quick spreadsheet of who I have had contact with, what sizes they want and what their total amount payable will be. If you think you ordered one, please check for your name and that the sizes are correct and that you are prepared to pay that much in the very near future. If anything needs to be changed or you are not on the spreadsheet and want to be please email me at ASAP as I’m going to try and finalise things with Lifestyle this week, collect money next week and then submit the order next friday. Unfortunately if it’s not done by then you will miss out.

Thanks everyone 🙂

p.s. it seems I’m really bad at getting a speadsheet to actually attach so you’ll have to click the blue link “jerseys” below

>>>>>>>>>>>>     Jerseys     <<<<<<<<<<<<<


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