Short term goals and Geneo round 2

Two weeks ago I did a secret shopper piece on Geneo Kustoms but what I ordered was the “middle of the road” kind of patterns for the sake of the article and in the article I alluded to the idea of trying completely new ideas and it got me started thinking of what I would actually want if I could go to town.

For me, the Yellowfin Bream thing is starting to wane. If I’m going to fish local it will probably be to target something else. That said however, I have only really targeted Black Bream a handful of times and it has left me wanting more. I can’t quite put my finger on it but the idea of a few days on the water fishing for Blacks at places like Marlo, Bemm River, Mallacoota and Lakes Entrance gets my blood pumping. Maybe it’s that in any of those places a Bream over a kilo is “good” whilst not being particularly noteworthy and the fish need to top 1.5kg before eyebrows even start to raise and the chance of a fish close to 2kg is a real possibility. Maybe it’s that they tend to school up in spawning mode up rivers in beautiful almost Bass country (especially at Bemm River) rather than right up the front of systems  on breakwalls and headlands. Whatever it is I want to do more of it.

epic moustache is epic

epic moustache is epic


Image courtesy of Brad Sissins. Check out all his amazing images at

Then there is obviously the Trout. I already look back over the two years I have actually fished for them and I’m amazed that what I thought was a massive Trout at close to 4lb has been completely dwarfed by both the Rainbows and Browns I have caught this year. Open season is six weeks away now and we’ve done the early run Browns with great success and now its time for the later moving Rainbows. 3925 4382

So putting those together with a newly found lure painter I set about making a few patterns to suit. The first comes from a little nugget of information from a local at Bemm River. We all know that big Bream love mussels and this local informed me that most of the best Bream he caught in Bemm were full of small white mussels with yellowy orange flesh. Now Daiwa has already made a new colour of the Gekkabijin Vibe based on Mark Gerkovich’s fiddlings and made a black version with an orange belly. So the first idea was a white and mottled black and white version of the Gekka Vibe for the Blacks. I threw in a Cranka Vibe and a Bassday Kangoku in the mix as they will both do the job imitating a mussel. 5279

Next cabs off the rank were what I would consider the “upgrade” baits for Blacks in the upcoming Kayak Bream Grand Final. The Jackall Chubby and the Megabass Baby Griffon are two lures with an excellent pedigree in Bream fishing but most anglers never go any further in those families of lures. I’ve used the Jackall Cherries for a long time with good success and the regular Griffon should be the same. Brown and green shrimp patterns in both. Also a Tacklehouse Rolling Bait in a brown shrimp pattern because while I love the lures the colour selection currently available is a little small.

 5282Now for the Trout. The Daiwa Yogiri has been my go to hardbody from my very first Aussie Trout  and wow some of the ones in my tackle box were beat up from catching fish. One of the other lures I have had success with is an SX40 in the Rainbow Trout pattern. So I put the two together and had some Rainbow and Brown Trout patterns made of the Yogiri’s. The kicker also was the addition of one of each of them with a bright orange bib to look like a Trout fry that has stolen an egg which I hope may trigger a territorial strike from big Trout thinking their eggs are being raided. 5286

Will any of this work? Who knows? But I’m glad I have the tools to give it a try now.

Credit for the image of the big Rainbow Trout goes to Brad Sissins. Check out all his amazing images at

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