SCEGGS Fishing Clinic

SCEGGS Fishing Clinic

The big grins and loud screams of the kids and parents being involved in the fishing clinic at the SCEGGS Fete will stay etched in all our minds for a long time coming.  At the end of a long hard day it was gratification that had achieved introducing fishing into some of the family’s lives that would not have necessarily tried it.

Held in the middle of Darlinghurst on a warm sunny winters day on the middle of a basketball court was the “sportszone” of the SCEGGS (Sydney Church of England Girl’s Grammar School) bi-annual Festival on Forbes, School Fete.


Joined by Sydney Sixers and AFL, were invited to hold a fishing clinic.  This was a first for us; we were use to helping out family and friends but had not worked with the public in this way before let alone an all girls’ school.

The fete was open to the student’s family, friends and the public.  We were very interested to see how much interest the girls would actually show in our fishing program.


We could not have run such a program without Daiwa’s support.  Daiwa were very generous in donating quite a number of rod and reel combo’s for both prizes and for using on the fishing simulators, hats, stickers, pens and lanyards.

With the fete starting at 10.00am and finishing at 3.00pm it wasn’t long before people started wandering through the sportszone and queuing up at the fishing simulators.

The fishing simulators were donated for use by Frogleys Offshore and were a hit with the kids, mums and even the dads.


We had also set up corflute fishing targets so the children could either learn to cast or practice their casting for a chance to win a Daiwa Procyon Combination Rod and Reel


Not only were the girls queuing up to have a go so were their mums.  It was to our surprise that the girls with either limited experience or none at all, listened to the advice we had before casting.  They would have 3 shots at the target and then the next person in line has a go.  The girls used a softer approach and technique.  The boys on the other hand would use all their might and quite often lob the casting plug over the fence into the trees (yes we lost a few this day).  It was not surprising to see the girls weighing out the score in the winnings of the Daiwa Procyon Combination Rod and Reels.  Thirteen in total were given out on the day will all kids walking away with a prize.


With over 250 people moving through and visiting the sportszone, it proved to be a great hit for Daiwa and at planting the fishing bug in the youth of today.

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