Lock-n-Haul Outboard Motor Support

When I upgraded my outboard to the new Yamaha SHO earlier this year, the first thing I noticed when I went to trailer it home was the lack of an inbuilt tilt motor support.

Yamaha manufacture a removable support, but it only provides support on the port side trim rod, and still allows some flex and movement of the motor.

I had spent quite a bit of time discussing the repower to the Yamaha with Scott Bilton, and he recommended that I take a look at the Lock-n-Haul product that he distributes here in Australia for this very purpose.


The Lock-n-Haul is a patented, adjustable universal outboard motor support designed specifically for trailering.

By preventing all movement of the motor by locking both port and starboard side steering and tilt pivots, the device eliminates motor shake and subsequent wear and tear on the motors tilt and steering as well as the transom.

This first video shows the movement of an unsupported outboard when travelling on a rough road surface

followed by a video of the same motor supported by the Lock-n-Haul

Lock-n-Haul will fit most motor sizes for all outboard brands, that have the following:

1) Power outboard motor tilt system
2) Accessible (lower motor mount) steering pivot rod flange bolt heads
3) Transom motor mount indents/concaves/cradle

Check out the Lock-n-Haul website to confirm if it will fit your motor

It’s a one piece design that is relatively small and lightweight, and after several months of use appears to be strong and durable. I purchased mine directly from Scott Bilton (snbilton@bigpond.com) here in Australia.

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