Missing Hilux (words and images by Marcel Krieger)

A couple of weeks ago whilst on my country run through North West Victoria I was visiting a dealer in Echuca who mentioned he had an insurance job come through and wouldn’t mind my help.


I jumped at the chance to get out on the water on such a fine day.  We were to locate a stolen Toyota Hilux that the Police had reported dumped in the Murray River near the bridge between Echuca and Moama.


Jumping on the boat we hooked up the Humminbird 798 Side Imaging unit and got to work.  The first pass we went right over the top of something that I thought a wider pass would show up well.  The next pass you can see the bridge pylons and a Hilux sitting in the murky water, the bull bar show up as a clear dense object.



Dropping a large magnet down, it found its mark and we attached a float.  I received the recovery pics the next day.  A diver had to enter the 9.8 degree cold murky water and attach a chain whilst the excavator dragged the ute to safety.


I think the technology that is available these days to scan the depths is amazing, we just need to find a solution to criminal element that seems prevalent in today’s society.  Maybe a job for another day.

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