Recycling the Good Stuff

After years of buying lures, I’ve got a fair collection of broken ones.  Some with damaged bibs, cracked bodies and some have split in half.  I’ll put my hand up and say the majority of these have come from a wayward cast when fishing around structure and no matter how good you are, everyone throws a bad cast every so often.

Cracked Bibs 001

For an angler who likes the challenge of throwing lures at or around structure, it is bound to happen and sometimes throwing that lure at full speed into a bridge pylon, rock wall or other “immovable” object, something has to give.  With the cost of lures in mind and the fact that I am a bit of a hoarder, I have a nice collection of lures that no longer have the desired swimming action.

Since then I have started to wonder what I can do with these broken lures, they can’t be used as crank baits, they can’t be fixed and I can’t throw them out and with summer coming, a particular technique is beginning to surface as an option (pun most definitely intended!).

Cicada baits are a fairly specific lure for a specific application, some wobble with a distinct but predictable action, some walk erratically or even slide across the surface and after looking at the Daiwa cicada imitation, I figured that the broken baits I have, may just produce a similar action but only after a bit of surgery.

Schools out for summer 005

Depending on the tow point, the bibs of these baits can be removed to give them a new lease of life as they bobble and weave across the surface and like many cicadas will work just as well being violently rattled in one spot.  I don’t think the cicada pattern needs to be perfect all of the time and like many baits don’t need to be tuned within an inch of it’s life to be successful so therefore my collection of b-team lures will see the light of day again.

This will only work for the cracked bibs of some of the lures but will at least give me something to do while waiting for my next fishing fix and to add further to the possibility of them working, they aren’t too far from the wake baits that some of the crank bait manufacturers produce.

Cracked Bibs 002

Considering how good some of the baits you see here.  There’s no wonder why they are being recycled to be used as something else rather than finding themselves in the bin with the other broken lures. With the weather being unseasonably warm in Sydney, the surface bite and everything else that comes from this time of year may just happen a little bit sooner.

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