In Search of the Urban Bass (Monsters)

Sydney Bassin' 028

Just before the bass season closed earlier this year, I shadowed Aaron Horne and Codie Stewart through some of their local haunts as the Bass were making their way out of the creeks and into the rivers to spawn.  The areas they fish make you feel like you are miles from anywhere let alone in Sydney.  Roaming cattle, deer and kangaroos aren’t something that I’ve always associated with fishing in the city and it made the days that much more interesting, especially after we literally almost stumbled upon a number of black snakes and discovered remnants of others on each occasion.

Sydney Bassin' 009

During the last few outings of the season, I didn’t land any of the urban bass monsters Aaron and Codie frequently spoke of.  A few respectable sized Bass and Carp kept us entertained during the sessions, however I did experience what these creatures are capable of.  The muscle and reaction required to wrestle these fish out from the gnarly creek structure where they lay is more than I initially expected.  Spectacular surface strikes and explosive hits only centimetres from structure, followed by my delayed reactions that were ever too slow for these fish has had me counting down the days until the fish make their way upstream into the creeks and for the season to reopen.

Urban Bass

Although the Bass fishing season is now officially open, word from the locals is that the fish are still in the rivers and haven’t quite made it far enough into the skinny water.  I’m told that this time of year is one of the better opportunities for me if I want to hook some of these urban creek monsters and with the days getting longer and daylight savings almost upon us, hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in a few cheeky after work sessions as the fish move up the system.  The best part is, I’ve been told with a degree of confidence that this should happen within days and like a kid waiting for Christmas, I’m a little bit excited.  I have my gear ready and waiting because when I receive that call I’m heading for the hills.


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